Netherlands Ambassador lauds gov’ts COVID-19 management


The Netherlands government has commended the Akufo-Addo administration for its forthrightness in dealing with the pandemic since its outbreak in the country.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Ron Strikker, has praised  government for showing strong political will and taking very timely decisions in the interest of Ghanaian citizens’ safety and wellbeing.

He said beyond the several health interventions, the Dutch government has noted with great admiration the far-reaching socio-economic interventions introduced by the government of Ghana to lessen impacts of the COVID-19 restrictions on Ghanaians, especially the poor.

Establishment of National Quality Assurance Programme for COVID-19 Testing Laboratories.

Ron Striker is convinced that the strong partnership between Ghanaian health authorities, and the Dutch sovernment has helped improve the quality of COVID-19 test results in Ghana.

He said this partnership with the Ghanaian government is part of efforts aimed at supporting the 23 COVID-19 testing laboratories in the country, so as to enable them deliver results which meet global standards, regardless of their location in the country.

Since Ghana recorded its first two coronavirus cases in March 2020, there have been several efforts toward expanding the country’s testing capacity so as to provide timely and accurate data on the extent of spread of the virus within the population.

These efforts, though significantly useful, have been sometimes been hampered by the limitations in complying with standardised operational testing protocols, and efficient data processing and transmission systems for COVID-19 test results.

“I am personally proud of the work done by the Ministry of Health, GHS National Laboratory Network for COVID-19 Testing, FDA, HeFRA and PharmAccess Foundation.”

Measuring proficiency of the COVID-19 laboratory test and results

According to Ron Strikker, the National Quality Assurance Programme (NQAP) for COVID-19 testing laboratories is designed to further strengthen and maintain the capacity of Ghanaian laboratories in the area of accuracy for test results in all COVID-19 testing laboratories, as well as effective data management of test results.

He said: “You need to have quality standards for arriving at test results. Because you may have conducted the COVID-19 tests, but how do you get to know they are accurate?

“Through our work with partners – including the Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, National Laboratory Network for COVID-19 Testing, Food & Drugs Authority, Health Facilities Regulatory Agency and PharmAccess Foundation – we have been able to ensure that there are protocols, uniformity and standards in all the laboratories conducting COVID-19 tests in the Ghana.”

He explained further that: “A lot of blind-testing was done to make sure that if you present a variety of test results…let’s say 10 to one laboratory, you will get the same results as when you present them to another laboratory. Most of the laboratories proved very proficient at this; I think it is a fantastic achievement.

“Two agencies – the Health Facilities Regulatory Authority (HeFRA) and the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) – have the capacity to enforce maintenance of these NQAP standards to guarantee uniformity in COVID-19 test results in Ghana now and the coming years. That is important,” Ron Strikker noted.

The Netherlands government supports Vaccination drive through COVAX vaccines

As a member of the European Union, which is the highest donor to the COVAX facility, the Dutch government is committed to contributing in the agenda of making COVID-19 vaccines available to every country in the world, regardless of its economic status.

Having contributed to COVAX – the platform that plans to provide free vaccines for about twenty percent of Ghana’s population – Ron Strikker said the Dutch government is impressed by the efforts of Ghana’s Government.

He added: “I am excited about the delivery of some 600,000 doses of the Indian-made AstraZeneca vaccines into the country on February 24, 2021.

“I think Ghana was the very first country in the world to receive the vaccines under the COVAX facility.”

Ron Strikker emphasised that the fact people of the Netherlands and other parts of Europe may have more money in their countries than Ghana and other countries on the African continent, does not mean they should have access to the vaccines ahead of everybody else in Africa.

Ron Strikker stressed “We are not safe until everyone is safe”.

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