Exercising just after eating is harmful for the body  – Vodafone Healthline doctors

Two senior African American women getting in shape together. They are jogging or power walking on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood, talking and laughing.

In-house doctors of Vodafone Healthline, have cautioned that exercising right after eating is not good for the body as it will inhibit digestion and slow down metabolism in the body.

Dr Aba Folson, Senior Physician Specialist/Cardiologist, indicated that exercising immediately after eating is a bad practice, especially swimming and other activities that require the individual to lie down flat or be in horizontal position.

“It is not a healthy practice because immediately after you finish eating, the food remains up in the stomach and takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on other factors before it starts moving down into the intestines. So, if one goes swimming in a horizontal manner, they may end up throwing up or get choked,” she said.

Adding up to what Dr. Folson said, Dr. Kwekuma Yalley, emphasized that during work out sessions, blood is expected to concentrate in the muscles to help in the up & down movement, on the other hand, after eating the guts and intestines are also going to demand blood to work in breaking down the food and absorbing same into the blood stream, so in such a situation the individual is exposed to several health implications including muscle cramps, airlock, indigestion, etc.

Also, in this 12th episode of season nine, it was all joy for several families as hundreds of patients who could not pay their medical bills were discharged to go home kind courtesy the Vodafone Foundation paying all their medical bills.

This year, the Vodafone Homecoming, an initiative aimed at clearing all medical bills of financially challenged patients in order to allow them join their families at home to commemorate Ghana’s Independence Day, was extended nationwide to rescue people from across various health centers.

In addition, all the discharged individuals without National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card, were registered onto the scheme and those whose membership has expired got it restored.

More enlightening is the smiles on the faces of new born mothers who could not pay after delivery and have been at the hospital for weeks and moths unable to go home. Husbands, mother in-laws, families and communities gathered together to sing & dance to welcome these new mothers and their babies, respectively.

Taking her turn, Dr Salamatu A. Nantogma, Family Physician, Achimota Hospital, speaking to the topic ‘Dementia and other problems with ageing,’ admonished the youth to bear in mind that their body need to last them a lifetime; be it eyes, ears, legs, heart, among others and so must adhere to good lifestyle practices from now.

“When you get to the age of 35, you plateau and begin to decline, know that whatever life you are leaving is for a lifetime and there are some problems with ageing that are peculiar to your way of life. If you do not take your lifestyle serious at early stage you will easily get infected with ageing problems and breakdown, and when that happens you will not be able to socialize anymore which leads to depression,” she said.

She advised the youth to therefore adopt to good lifetime practices such as eating right-more fruits & vegetable, regular exercising-150 minutes a week at least, avoid smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and meditate at least 10 minutes a day, as preventive measures. “Again, ensure that your Body Mass Index (BMI), thus weight over your height is always below 30,” she reiterated.

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