Frytol launches ‘You deserve to be well’ campaign to celebrate Women


Wilmar Africa Limited, producers of Frytol vegetable cooking oil, has launched a new campaign dubbed “you deserve to be well” as part of International Women’s Day celebration.

The campaign is aimed at promoting wellness and good healthy living practices among women in the country as they are often found of multi-tasking on daily basis, ending up forgetting about maintenance of themselves.

According to producers of Frytol, women are passionate about getting things done; they juggle so much – from raising responsible children, to taking care of their homes, being great wives and working careers to cause social change and the cause of our world; the reason for the phrase ‘wonder women.’ At the end, women tend to forget themselves and their very wellbeing, and for this awareness, Frytol is pleased to announce the introduction of ‘you deserve to be well’ campaign.

“It is clear that in the daily lives of women; whether single ladies, wives, or mothers; women are enduring achievers in pursuit of a better tomorrow to make the world around us a better place. Every woman has a desire to manage and balance everything (family, profession, taking care of children etc.) and to also live her life to the fullest. Often times, we strive to be superwomen, but some days can be overwhelming. The lack of time, support or energy can sometimes throw us off balance,” the statement indicated.

The statement emphasized that Frytol understands that Wellness means different things to many people. To one it means to sleep well, to another it means having a me-time every week, to others it is the ability to juggle work and spend time at the gym to get in shape. Wellness could mean eating heathy, to someone wellness is being able to actually take off her wig here for her scalp to receive fresh air without anyone judging her and someone else said for her, it’s about eating all the ice cream and cake she wants without growing fat. Therefore, whatever it is, Frytol says choose your wellness and go at it.

Head of marketing- Wilmer Africa Ltd, Patience O. Mpereh, said: “The good news is that, Frytol which we all know as cholesterol free oil and have been using to cook for several years cherishes and cares about the people we serve and therefore commenced a journey to provide encouragement & awareness around wellbeing and to offer Ghanaian women the support to take care of their wellbeing.

We believe that despite all the challenges and responsibilities Ghanaian women face, “we deserve to be well, to be physically healthy & mentally strong to be there for our families and also pursue the ideal world we believe in.”

All across the world, people are keen to see women rise to receive the full recognition they deserve, today’s woman is empowered to be more and do more. That is why this year’s National Women Day is themed ‘Choose to Challenge’ an indication that a ‘challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge come change’ the change which women should represent, stand for and work towards.

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