US pest control giant Orkin enters local market


Global pest control specialist, Orkin, has entered the Ghanaian market, hoping to provide solutions to the agriculture sector, businesses and households.

Founded in 1901 by 14-year-old Otto Orkin, Orkin has more than 100 years of experience in pest control services and is a leader in the industry, specialising in protection against common pests including termites, rodents, and insects. In addition to pest control, the company also offers integrated plans to help protect the whole home, including insulation and moisture control services.

Speaking at the company’s launch in Accra, Head of Marketing and Operations, Paa Kow George Hagan, said Orkin is coming to introduce improved standards of pest control in the agriculture sector, which will increase yields of farmers and lead to more-healthy production of foods.

He further stated that the company’s presence in the country will move industries to expect and accept international standards of pest control, as enjoyed by their counterparts operating in Europe and the Americas.

“ORKIN will not lower its high standards in Ghana, but rather drive the sector to attain the standards we will provide in the country,” he said.

Mr. Hagan added that the company’s entry into the Ghanaian space will further create sustainable jobs, and also contribute to the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

“Orkin has a national franchise to operate. This means we have the potential to create many jobs throughout the country directly: by way of employing technicians, administrators and drivers. We will therefore create even more indirect jobs, and impact positively on national employment drives to help more families have meaningful livelihoods.

“We are in the middle of a big fight against the deadliest pandemic of our time, called coronavirus. We are also aware that being healthy at this time is one of the best ways to stay on top of the virus and its rate of infection.

“Very, central to this fight is pest control, which reduces the onset and incidence of diseases; and to constantly fumigate premises with antibacterial agents to lower and slow down bacterial spread which aids the virus. Orkin is actively involved in the global effort to combat it, and we will surely do the same here in Ghana,” he said.

Commenting on Orkin’s entry into Ghana, a representative from Ministry of Agriculture, Felicia Ansah Amprofi, said the company’s arrival is good news to the agriculture sector, as pest control is one of the sector’s major problems.

“Locally, 30 percent of agricultural produce is lost to pest. Pests are therefore a major threat to agriculture productivity, food security. It is very important to control organic pests to provide protection against organisms that can pose health risks to humans and animals. Therefore, we welcome Orkin to Ghana,” she said.

As a way of introducing itself to potential clients in the country, the company is offering free inspections to businesses and households till March 10, 2021.

Orkin employs nearly 8,000 team members in more than 400 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central America, South America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and Australia, serving approximately 1.7 million residential and commercial customers.

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