#IWD2021: Vlisco unveils 2021 Ambassador for 9th Vlisco Women’s Month Campaign


Since its inception in 1846, Vlisco has created unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa and African women have formed the very inspiration behind the style, distinctiveness, and creativity of the beloved fabrics.

Vlisco’s rich heritage is interwoven with heart-warming tales, from the success stories of the generations of women that have worked with the brand, to women who have expressed their originality, pride, and class by wearing Vlisco fabrics.

For countless generations, true beauty and wisdom has been passed down from mother to daughter including knowledge about heritage, culture, traditions, and their love of original Wax Hollandais.

As a result of this bond between Vlisco and the women of Africa, Vlisco strongly believes that the joys and milestones of the women who inspire others should be celebrated.

Hence the creation of Vlisco Women’s Month (VWM), an annual campaign launched nine years ago to honour the outstanding achievements of Ghanaian women who are contributing positively in diverse ways to society and inspiring future female leaders to follow in their path.

VWM is celebrated each year throughout the month of March to reflect Vlisco’s ongoing commitment to empowering women and helping them to realise their true potential.

The theme for this year’s celebration is Unite for Better as at the core of VWM is a community of women leaders who are united in supporting other women to not only achieve their dreams but to also reach their professional and personal goals.  The theme is also a celebration of women who are drivers of positive change, united in building a better and more gender balanced world.

In keeping with its annual tradition to celebrate African women during Women’s Month, Vlisco is honoured to name Yawa Hansen-Quao, Executive Director of Emerging Public Leaders and Founder of the nonprofit organisation, Leading Ladies Network (LLN) as the Vlisco Ghana Ambassador for 2021.

Yawa has nurtured female leadership and social entrepreneurship in Africa for close to a decade through LLN. Her work in this space is also fostering an ecosystem of women and girls who have ambitious goals, strong character and resolve to serve as impactful leaders in business, civil society and government.

Commenting on the appointment Mr. Stephen Badu, Marketing Director of Vlisco Ghana, said, “Yawa is a great achiever as well as a confident and bold woman who embodies the Vlisco values. Her story is truly a shining light and inspiration to many women. We are excited to have Yawa on board and her appointment is timely due to the key role she plays in nurturing young women, which is a critical aspect of our work with women in Ghana.”

Commenting on her new role as the 2021 Vlisco Ambassador, Yawa Hansen-Quao said “I feel very flattered and humbled to be chosen to represent women in this country because there is nothing ordinary about Ghanaian women.

I also feel honored and a wave of responsibility to leverage this opportunity for the benefit of others. This campaign says a lot about what Vlisco as a brand stands for and I am looking forward to support them in achieving their goal to impact as many women as possible in Ghana.”

In 2018, Vlisco launched a mentoring program as part of its ongoing commitment to champion the role of women in the Ghanaian society. The Vlisco Women’s Mentoring Program is a platform designed to empower and support the brightest female talent across Ghana.

VWM will conclude at the end of this month with a virtual mentoring event featuring the new and past Vlisco ambassadors as well as industry experts to provide mentees who are part of the mentoring program with insights on professional and personal development as well as tips on wellness, self-care, and lifestyle management, which is crucial during these uncertain times.

During the event, Vlisco will also announce the new cohort of mentees to begin a yearlong mentorship program creating a forum where they can actively engage with all the Vlisco ambassadors who aim to have a positive impact on the younger generation who aspire to follow in their footsteps. Further details on the Vlisco Women’s Mentoring Program will be available on Vlisco’s Ghana Facebook page.

Vlisco, the true original, since 1846.

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