Sybil Shaibu column: How do you manage the 3 Cs (Part one)


One activity that’s recurrent in our daily lives, is the management of the three C’s. They are Choice, Chance and these comprise the 3 C’s. We are each burdened with the natural tendency to make choices regarding our life and these choices will create chances which would ultimately bring about change.

It’s easier said than done, though that sounds like a cliché, that’s the truth. This is because each choice made comes with its associated responsibilities. Per the choices made the consequences or repercussions will either be negative or positive. Many a time the challenge is not the issue of making a choice but rather the fear of the aftermath of the choices made.

This hurdle is what deters people from even attempting to make choices in the first place. But the question at this point would be, is it even possible to live and not make choices? Your answer I’m sure is as good as mine, an empathic NO! And that’s because with every passing day, minute or second requires one to choose between one thing or the other in order to make a decision. And to arrive at that decision, guess what? A choice has to be made. Interestingly, not making a choice is in actual fact a choice in itself.

A choice is basically, the act of choosing between two or more possibilities. Chance on the other hand is the possibility of something happening whereas Change has to do with making a difference regarding something in particular.

These 3 C’s are interrelated in the sense that, one cannot be achieved without the other. One school of thought says “life is a gamble”, so for them they live with the mindset of “you win some, you lose some”. In this particular context, I think that it’s safe to assume such mentality. I say this because not all the choices you make will end well, you are also bound to miss out on some chances which would in turn yield unwanted kind of change.

It’s okay to lose some, that’s because another time your choices will yield better chances for you to achieve the necessary change that you desire. With that said, my wish for all of us this new year is that, we all have more wins than losses. No one enjoys losing out on anything. Sometimes you’re so certain of the choice you’ve made that you forgo the obvious chances and then the unexpected happens….and you find yourself saying well ,well, well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions blowing up in my face.

Such experiences can be very devastating, as a result some people end up shying away from even giving things a second chance. When it comes to making choices, it’s best to invest some time into thinking through the choices at hand. While doing so, it’s advisable to weigh your options by analyzing the various possible chances that your choice can create.

As part of analyzing the chances available to you, make it a point to examine the possible consequences of the change that you anticipate. Be it positive or negative consequences, once you are able to predict them it subconsciously prepares you. Hence you are not too taken aback when it goes either way.

Like any other thing in this life, regardless of how much preparation you might commit to making the right choices, sometimes it’s just not enough to guarantee your expected results. Don’t allow the fear of failing at making the right choices, turn you into a person full of excuses. Change happens when you realize that your excuses are also choices. Stop making excuses and start taking action.

Never regret anything that has happened in your life, and that’s because it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. So, take it as a lesson and move on. I once heard someone say, “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life”, and that’s the absolute truth. Notwithstanding, you are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

You must make the choice,

to take the chance,

if you want anything in life to change.


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