64th Independence Day message from GCX

Tucci Ivowi - CEO

This day, Ghana’s 64th Independence Day, presents a moment to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made throughout Ghana’s history to bring the country to where it is today. We celebrate the wins, big and small.

The existence of the Ghana Commodity Exchange is a showcase of how Ghanaians working together with one vision can achieve great things. A world class, technology-driven organization, being run by a full-fledged Ghanaian team who are being trained to be commodity exchange experts whilst working tirelessly to build a global trading hub for all commodities.

Through the entire Exchange ecosystem, jobs are being created for people with diverse skills and backgrounds, including youth and women.

Independence as it relates to our company and our business model is towards transforming Ghana’s economy through the addition of value to our natural resources, in order to earn the best returns from the hard work of all Ghanaians in the various commodity value chains.

Commencing with the trade of staples such as maize, soya, sorghum, sesame and rice, the Ghana Commodity Exchange has supported farmers to reduce their post-harvest losses, and they are able to sell their commodity – which has been packaged to appeal to markets – by weight and grade. They also have access to financial markets through our electronic warehouse receipts system.

In simple terms, they have access to affordable finance using their commodity, possibly the only assets they have, as collateral. For emphasis, smallholder famers are now in a position to access credit, a major reduction of the burden they have faced formerly as a credit risk class and those are the wins we celebrate as an organization and contribute to our definition of independence. International trading opportunities and financial inclusion for all!

The agricultural sector of our country has the power to transform the nation. It therefore becomes our duty and pledge, as an organization that provides a modern, efficient and risk-free trading solution in Ghana, in support of agricultural development and capital markets, to make every possible effort to contribute to the Nation’s continuous progress.

We wish our farmers, traders, brokers, processors, financial institutions and all Ghanaians, a Happy Independence Day and many more wins!

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