Smartix launches Teleplay app to facilitate online studies


Smartix Education, a start-up technological company, has launched an android and web app to facilitate online learning in an era of digitization when academic works are shifting from the classroom space to online.

The Teleplay app, which stands for teach, learn and play, is aimed at changing the way students learn and the way teaching is done.

Significant among the characteristics of the Teleplay App, is the opportunity it provides for students to take a lesson, chat with a teacher, solve daily puzzles and play fun educative games. For easy use and accessibility, the application is available for android phones and a WebApp for desktops and computers as well.

Founded of Smartix, Prosper Dzidzienyo, a former student of Presec-Legon and a member of their 2009 NSMQ winning team, indicated that the objective of his organization leading to the developed of the app is to give every student living anywhere in Africa access to quality study material and teaching aids in different forms: illustrated lessons, linked videos and video games.

“We want to give students access to professionals who also double as teachers and coaches on our platform. Students should be able to self-pace their studies and feel free to switch between Grades if they find the content of a particular grade unchallenging. We wanted students to enjoy school, play, be creative and learn not to solve exams questions but to solve real world problems. The Teleplay App offers this,” he stated.

Describing further into details some of the main functions of the app, he stated that a unique feature about the system is that a student can take lessons in math and science from the app, and at the end of each lesson, the student can take a quiz for assessment.

“We have over 350 lessons on the app currently and we will be adding more. Lessons start from Grade-one. What’s different with our lessons are that they focus on making the concepts very practical and very relatable,” he reiterated.

Touching on the cost effectiveness of the initiative to students and parents, he explained that many parents can’t afford to buy books for all subjects not alone pay for private teachers, but on the Teleplay app, they can easily have access to all books, from all classes in subjects and they can have private teaching with quality teachers online.

With the ‘live teacher’ feature in the app, students on the app have access to live teachers and can ask a question through chat, send an image, send an assignment for help or attach anything they need clarity with, and the Teacher will respond.

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