TonatonJOBS brings 360 degree solutions to recruitment needs


Employees are the bloodline of every company. Consequently, the success or otherwise of the company greatly depends on the talent the company has in its pool of employees. Knowing the right fit for your company is mostly the easiest to figure out. Finding talent with the best-fit job seekers is often not so easy. And as an HR manager, this could be frustrating.

Likewise, job seekers are also faced with myriad problems when it comes to finding the right company that will value them for their skills, knowledge, and level of experience. Sending applications and not getting a single response to even acknowledge receipt of your application is common and easily results in frustrated job seekers.

In view of the unique challenges in the Ghanaian system, the nature of the market, and best practices, TonatonJOBS has introduced a 360-degree solution for employers and job seekers alike.

TonatonJOBS Revamps the Recruitment Process

Rose Badu, Left & Nana Adwoa Boatemaa – TonatonJOBS

Rose Badu, Left & Nana Adwoa Boatemaa – TonatonJOBS

With the nature of the Ghanaian job market in perspective, which has been the leading name in the classifieds market in Ghana launched a tailored platform to respond to the needs of both job seekers and recruiters.

The platform, TonatonJOBS, connects job seekers and talent hunters in a seamless manner while addressing the challenges often faced by both parties in the recruitment process.

TonatonJOBS platform has since been helping individuals and organizations to handle their recruitment without much of the hassle experienced before. TonatonJOBS has a pool of more than a million monthly views and lots of registered job seekers ready to apply. This has made TonatonJOBS a preferred platform.

However, in the spirit of providing the best to their clients, membership, or free listings package, TonatonJOBS constantly seeks to provide the best of features and service.

Here is what makes TonatonJOBS special

Isaac Tetteh, Manager, TonatonJOBS

The platform relaunched with not just a bunch of new features but also a more focused purpose to help blue-collar job seekers and recruiters. Unlike other recruitment platforms which offer generalized solutions, TonatonJOBS brings their expertise in skill-based recruitment to the fore for the benefit of those who need it most.

To be even more helpful, the company has added a bespoke service to help recruiters. They aim to help organizations with a broad spectrum of needs. Some organizations prefer to have candidates through the TonatonJOBS platform while others prefer to have their entire recruitment needs taken care of by trusted experts of TonatonJOBS so they can concentrate on their core business.

Portia Mensah of TonatonJOBS

Portia Mensah of TonatonJOBS

TonatonJOBS introduced a flagship service to relieve organizations of their entire recruitment process called Staffing Solutions. The bespoke service, Staffing Solutions, will take care of the advertisement, ad posting, and initial screening of candidates. TonatonJOBS Staffing Solutions will then provide the employer with the best candidates for their own assessment and selection.

The criteria for screening and selection are based on a clear understanding of the needs of the company, requisite skills, and experience level.

Ayishetu Sulley, TonatonJOBS


Tonaton continues to lead the classified market in Ghana as they attract millions of views each and every month. In the spirit of leadership and excellence, TonatonJOBS continues to help Ghanaian job seekers and recruiters to find what they need. Do contact them for assistance regarding any inquiries.


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