GMABC pegs March as ‘Cultural and History Month’


It is said that respecting the history and cultural heritage of a nation is an integral part of nation building and development. With that in mind, leading broadcasting giant Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company (GMABC) – parent company of Happy 98.9 FM, YFM (Y107.9FM-Accra, Y102.5FM-Kumasi and Y97.9FM-Takoradi) and e.TV Ghana – has dedicated the month of March to take its audience on a 360-degree educational trip on the culture and heritage of the motherland.

Dubbed the ‘Cultural and History Month’, the brands will focus on bringing the old to the young and young at heart. They will rekindle the spirit of cultural patriotism, and educate to bridge the ever-increasing gap between millennials and their knowledge and respect for culture.

With culture being the core of all aspects of life in Ghana, GMABC will focus on weekly thematic areas to give its audience a better understanding and appreciation of the country’s cultural history.

In the first week, the brands will focus on explaining the reasoning behind the beautiful local names we hear and call ourselves by. The packed week will see audiences being enlightened on the meanings of day-born-names of the week, the origins of surnames, their meanings and appellations, and the order of birth.

The second week will get much better as the focus shifts from names to the heritage and history of popular traditional cities and towns in Ghana. You may have heard of the ‘door of no return’ at Elmina Castle in the Central Region. But do you know that most of the other regions also fought together as a unit to make the ‘door of no return’ a memory? This educational trip will make us appreciate and value each region and what it brings on board to make our country what it is.

Growing up, every Ghanaian might have heard about stories of great traditional rulers and the wonderful heights they achieved, in both the spiritual and physical realms. The third week will be one of storytelling, whereby we remember past traditional rulers and their contribution to the modern day Ghana. The popular stories of Tohazie the red hunter, Nana Tweneboa Kodua, the legend of Torgbui Tsali and many more will be rehashed.

The meaning of beautiful Ghanaian adinkra symbols and thought-provoking proverbs will be discussed in the fourth and final week of the GMABC Cultural and History Month.

Director of Broadcasting for GMABC, Timothy Karikari, shedding more light on the brands’ direction for March stated: “Numerous countries have seen great development and economic progression because of their deep-rooted regard and integration of their culture into their everyday living.

“With the Cultural and History Month, we want to imbue the spirit of cultural patriotism in the youth and keep them connected to their roots wherever and whatever they find themselves doing. This way, future leaders of the country will contribute immensely to the country’s growth and development agenda.”

He urged the brands’ audience to stay glued to their television and radio sets for exclusive content in the month of March.

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