Response to GCNet Management by Staff Welfare Association


The Staff Welfare Association of GCNet attention has been drawn to media stories which are inconsistent and purported to come from Management of SGS/GCNet regarding the redundancy compensation due staff.

We set the records straight as follows:

Issue of Legitimacy of Human Resources Policy Manual (HRPM)

  1. The HRPM is the most critical document about the condition of service which has been consistently upheld and applied religiously throughout the existence of GCNet in all manner of situations including hiring, firing, leave, training, remuneration, disciplinary issues, and also tendered in for the yearly ISO audit processes, for the purposes of industrial harmony, corporate governance and operational cohesion etc at the company. It is interesting that its legitimacy is being called into question now.

Issue of Capacity of Welfare Association to Negotiate terms of redundancy on behalf of Staff

  1. 2. The matter of capacity of the Welfare Association to negotiate on behalf of staff was duly addressed by both the Arbitration Award and the High Court ruling (both documents are now public). It is therefore false that it was not addressed.
  2. The HR Policy Manual, which legitimises the capacity of the Staff Welfare Association is duly signed by Alwin Hoegerle as General Manager, Dr. Nortey Omaboe as Executive Board Chairman, the HR Manager and Finance Manager on the part of Management and Chair, Vice Chair and Organising Secretary of the Staff Welfare Association on the part of the Welfare Association.
  3. The question that lingers and begs answers is why did Management of GCNet in the persons of Alwin Hoegerle and Dr. Nortey Omaboe apply the HR Policy Manual every step of the existence of the company including the payment of severance package provided by the Policy Manual to staff made redundant in 2019 and never had issues until the turn of the current 147 and the remaining 50 GeGov project staff in 2020/2021?
  4. GCNet Management and SGS as an institution DOES NOT and HAS NEVER promoted, permitted or sanctioned the unionisation of its workers and always insisted that as an organisation it recognises the legitimacy of the Staff Welfare Association as the official mouthpiece and representative body of Staff.


Addressing Anomalies before Government Honours its obligation

  1. 6. There is no ANOMALY at all, as has been upheld by the Arbitration Award and the High Court ruling.
  2. SGS /GCNet refused to pay after the matter was determined by Arbitration and are still refusing to respect the High Court ruling after dismissing their application to set aside the Arbitration Award.

Shifting Goal Post – Following the Right procedures in Line with Labour Act     

  1. 8. It has been a journey of countless excuses proffered by Management, after losing at Arbitration and at the High Court, we are more than convinced that they simply have a bad case and want to frustrate staff who have been dedicated over the years.
  2. The public must know that GCNet / SGS and Executive Management have consistently acted in BAD FAITH since it issued redundancy notices to the 147 staff in June 2020.
  3. Affected staff are unwavering in their resolve to uphold what is rightfully due them and remain unfazed by the actions of SGS/ GCNet. We believe in the institutions of the state to administer justice in a fair and just manner.


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