Caroline Group partners Merrick Preparatory, a Canadian Boarding School

Caroline Esinam Adzogble, CEO of Caroline Group

The Caroline Group has signed a partnership with Merrick Preparatory, a world-class Canadian Boarding School.

Caroline Esinam Adzogble, CEO of Caroline Group noted that over the years, African parents have warmed up to the idea of international boarding school. Till date, there are over 1400 boarding schools across USA, UK and Canada.

“While the similarities in experiences are vast; each school has carefully carved a niche which makes it super unique. Recently I discovered Merrick Preparatory School, an all-inclusive co-ed boarding school located in Merrickville in Canada. Daily meetings with different university and boarding school partners forms a part of my day-to-day activities. Usually within the first few minutes on any call, I should hear the phrase ‘we are so big numbers’.

Since I am a big believer in education accessibility and quality; usually I love models that run in reverse, but I was so fascinated at my first meeting with admission officers at Merrick Preparatory School. Instead of the usual phrases; they stated on our call ‘we are quite a small community focused on individualized student learning and post-secondary university placement.’  That was a school, I was ready to work with,” she said.

Since its inception in 2012, Merrick Preparatory School can boast of all of its graduates receiving offers of admissions to the top 50 world-ranked universities and are awarded substantial scholarships.

For reference they have stated BOLDY on their website “Merrick Preparatory School guarantees that all of our graduates will gain entry into a post-secondary institution, or we invite you back for a FREE year of study.”

Why Merrick Preparatory School will be the first on my recommendation list for all families looking to study in Canada will be the fact that;

  1. Merrick runs the #1 worldwide curriculum. This means students can transfer to any part of the world and transition to other academic institutions and integrate easily. This provides students the most flexibility and opportunity to explore.
  2. Merrick’s core values are built on Courage, Compassion and Community. This instills confidence, humility and service learning in students
  3. Merrick understands that each students learning needs are different thus they have adapted a mission and vision oriented academic pathway that serves the needs of each student in the most inclusive and unique way

With small class sizes, five hours of combined advising and university counseling each week, and a diverse student body; I am yet to discover another gem as Merrick Preparatory School. While the world is still uncertain about student study and travel abroad, Merrick has adapted the online learning for families looking to enroll their wards for Fall 2021.

The Caroline Group, under the leadership of the 29-year old Educationist Caroline Esinam Adzogble mostly noted as the face of education in Africa, has grown to become a foremost international education advising organization with excellent support strategies for students, international schools as well as other educational stakeholders; hence drawing partnerships from world class institutions across the globe. It has six subsidiary companies, offices in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, UK and USA and operational footprints in over 70-countries.

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