GhIE holds 50th Presidential address


The President of the Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE) Ing. Leslie Alex Ayeh, has delivered the 50th Presidential address of the Institution on the theme: Aviation, A Catalyst for Structural Transformation and Sustainable Development in Ghana.

The impressive event was hosted by the GhIE in Accra due to COVID-19 restrictions, the address was done via zoom meeting platform and was joined by a large number of engineers in Ghana and on the African continent.

Distinguished Ghanaian barrister and member of the Council of State, Lawyer Sam Awuku Okudzeto was chairman for the occasion.

In his speech, Ing. Ayeh indicated that Ghana as a nation had seen slow economic development due to its over reliance on its cash crops and had failed to leverage its strategic location in west Africa straddling the north-south flight routes as well as the east-west routes.

He showed how using aviation as a vehicle for transformation had been instrumental in the rapid development of several nations such as Ethiopia, Singapore, Dubai and Morocco, and that Ghana could achieve similar results if it got its strategy right.

He said improvements in the air transport infrastructure would help to raise living standards and alleviate poverty in Africa by lowering transport costs, supporting a more rapid economic growth and increasing personal mobility. “The aviation industry is particularly important for countries that adopt an outward–oriented development strategy in providing access to wider markets”

He noted that, though there are six generally accepted models for aviation development, the model or model combination that Ghana will choose must fit into the global agenda in a way that will encourage international players to buy-in.

At the end of the presentation, the Chairman lauded praise on Ing. Ayeh for presenting such a comprehensive work on the aviation industry.  He encouraged stakeholders in the industry to acquire the document and add it to their body of knowledge since it will be beneficial in their decision making.

Gracing the occasion was Ing. Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, Executive Director of the GhIE and Mrs. Ophelia Ayeh, wife of the GhIE President.

Mr. & Mrs. Ayeh (left),  Mr Okudzeto was and Mr  Agyepong at the Presidential address

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