Desist from operating without licence – PCSRC to Courier Operators    


The Public Relations Officer for the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC), Nii Yebuah Edwin Burgesson, has urged operators in the courier and delivery services to get licences before they work.

According to Mr. Burgesson, some courier services have been operating without licence – an act that infringes the laws governing operations in the sector.

The Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) is the regulator for the postal and courier sector in Ghana, and is responsible for implementing national policies under control of the Minister for Communications and in line with the National Postal Policy (NPP) through its board.

He explained that some courier services are operating without licence simply because they do not want to go through the processes of acquiring a licence.

“There are so many unlicenced operators, some of whom we know but many we do not know; and the reason is that some people feign ignorance about the Commission while others are just unwilling to come under the ambit of the Commission because they are unwilling to go through the legal process” Mr. Burgesson said.

He assured that the commission will soon embark on an operation with the Police Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) to arrest illegal operators.

“We are not leaving them to do what they want to do. We engage those people with the police not to spoil anyone’s business but to persuade them to do what the law requires of them, because the law says that you cannot operate a courier service in the country without licence from the Commission. It is illegal and punishable by law,” he said.


Highlighting some challenges faced by the Commission in regularising activities of the operators, Mr. Burgesson stated that the nature of courier services in Ghana makes it difficult to track them.

He also added that operators should do the right thing in order to prevent punishment.

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