SEPA Cyber Technologies announces strategic partnership with Datacell

Michael Meyer, Global Sales Director-SEPA Cyber Technologies, and Eric Addo, CEO of Datacell                 

SEPA Cyber Technologies, a Bulgaria-based IT solutions provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with Datacell that will potentially enhance business solutions in Ghana. The deal is to ensure improvement in open API banking, financial services, digital transformation and IT innovations in the country.

CEO of SEPA Cyber Technologies, Marvin Blazhevski, said the partnership agreement is part of their plans to expand into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, adding that the Ghanaian market offers great opportunities for IT business solutions.

He is hopeful the partnership between the two companies, which he described as “strongly competitive”, will go a long way to improve business activities in the country and provide complete custom solutions.

Bulgaria-based Fintech enters Ghana market

“Stepping our business up into the MEA region through this strategic partnership with Datacell is part of our global expansion plans. By ensuring new and innovative solutions, we are keen on growing our business operations and opening new horizons,” he added.

According to him, Sepa Cyber Technologies’ portfolio covers issuing and acquiring services, exchange platforms as well as turnkey solutions for neobanks and fintechs.

“It offers two layers of services – white-label financial products and a single API called MuSe,” he stated, adding: “Our mission is to equip future-thinking companies from around the world with scalable and innovative IT solutions; and help them rise above their boundaries”.

Eric Addo, CEO Datacell said: “We love what we do with technology, applications and systems; and working with SEPACyber, one of the best fintechs in the industry, we hope to bring greater achievements to the market”.

Given the fast-growing data, mobile and Internet environments, Mr. Addo said the strategic partnership between Datacell and SEPA Cyber Technologies is projected to boost access to innovative IT solutions and Fintech technologies for businesses in Ghana.

“Both companies are poised to provide their customers cutting-edge technologies with an extra layer of security and custom offers,” he said, adding: “Datacell offers IT infrastructure, platforms and application services customised to meet the needs of today’s business provider with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions as well as integration services and premier support.”                                                                      

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