#OutstandingBrands2021: Amenfiman –the outstanding brand in rural banking to look out for in 2021


Amenfiman Rural Bank, one of the nation’s leading Rural bank was established in 1980 at Wasa Akropong in the Western Region. The Bank has grown significantly over the period and has been successful in executing its core mandate of financial inclusion and rural economic development in Ghana. It has been very successful in mobilizing rural funds and channeling them towards the growth and strengthening of local businesses and farmers within its catchment areas.

The Bank has grown from its operations in the western region and expanded to the Ashanti, Western North, and Central regions of Ghana with its Microfinance and credit operations extending even further past these regions.

The Bank currently has 17 branches and Mobilization Centres that are spread across its areas of operations. The Bank has branches in Abrepo, Santasi, Suame and Kejetia in the Ashanti Region, Sefwi Dwenase and Bekwai in the Western North Region, Dunkwa in the Central region and 11 other branches including its head office in the Western Region of Ghana.

Amenfiman has met and exceeded the minimum capital requirement of 1million Ghana Cedis, required of rural banks having grown to a current stated capital of 6million Ghana Cedis.  With a total shareholders’ fund exceeding 43 million, capital adequacy of 18.95% and having exceeded all liquidity requirements at the close of business 2020, the Bank is well positioned to absorb any shocks and poised to serve its customers much better.

Due to the growing customer confidence in the Bank, the Bank recorded a total deposit of Gh¢363 million representing a growth of 34.57% during the past year.  In a year mired with crisis in the industry, such achievement is highly remarkable.

Amenfiman Rural Bank currently holds a total asset base of about Gh¢477.7 million largest rural bank in Ghana.


Amenfiman is committed to improving trade and enterprise within the local economy through the delivery of credit and facilitating the movement of funds between buyers and sellers across the country. In 2020 alone, the Bank disbursed a total of Ghc175 million in loans with over Gh¢105.5 million to SMEs, Microfinance and Farmers.

What has made this bank a solid and strong brand in the country is the exceptionally excellent customer service, convenience and affordability of its products, the quality of its people including the Board, Management and the Staff. The Bank has been very successful due to the strong synergy between Board, management and Staff.

Amenfiman recognizes the importance of technology in service delivery and is poised to become the most tech-savvy RCB in the country with our customers already having access to ATM services, mobile banking, foreign remittances, payment and collection systems and convenient general and life insurance services. All our branches and mobilization offices are connected to our network which makes customers access to the Bank seamless.

The Bank is pursuing strategies to increase client interaction with the Bank through mobile devices and services such as Internet Banking, Mobile applications, card services and agency banking. With a strong brand image, national presence and increased customer accessibility to our services and banking facilities we plan to launch more customer-focused services that should bridge the gap between the bank and the customer. This strategic vision, we believe would enable the Bank get closer to the customer and respond more easily to the needs of the customer.

In 2020, Amenfiman intends to reach more customers and help more businesses find their success. The Bank has already initiated measures to improve and increase its presence and client access to the Bank’s facilities.

On the Corporate Social Responsibility front, Amenfiman Rural Bank continues to be a pillar of support in the communities its operate mostly towards livelihood improvement, woman empowerment and community development. Last year, the Bank deployed several projects including 12 mechanized boreholes and storage tanks schools and clinics. Under its lightening Amenfi project, the Bank has provided streets to light up the communities and improve the safety in those communities.

Our shareholders are committed to our cause to becoming a leading financial service provider and this was exhibited in 2019 when they took the decision to use their dividends to buy more shares. It is a very rewarding experience, becoming and being a shareholder of Amenfiman Rural Bank and the public is invited to become part of this growing and exciting Bank.

In 2020, the Bank would be 40 years old and grown considerably within the period. 40 years of leadership in the industry is a mark that urges it to do more, contribute more, grow more and become more. To our customers, we say “Your Success is our Pride” and we will continue to be your best financial service provider 2020 and beyond.

Amenfiman Rural Bank has made a strong mark under the exceptional leadership of the Board Chairman Dr. Toni Aubynn, the CEO Dr. Alexander Asmah and its entire management.

It is dedicated to mobilization of surplus funds from its catchment areas and channeling of such funds into viable and profitable economic ventures by lending to individuals and groups in all sectors and also to small and medium enterprises, thereby creating wealth and alleviating poverty.

“Our core mandate is to accept deposit, provide lending, and cash management services and related financial services and support for enterprise growth. The bank has successfully executed this mandate and provided the necessary catalyst for rural community development and also promoted growth by creating jobs and improving the lives of its clients.

We have become a household name for supporting micro, small and medium enterprises as well as agricultural business. Our strategy in supporting farmers especially cocoa, rubber and live stock has made farming very attractive in our catchment areas.”

Its vision is to consolidate and sustain leadership in rural banking in Ghana and to become a point of reference in the industry while aspiring to be the most tech-savvy and customer-friendliest rural bank in Ghana.

Amenfiman Rural Bank is a one-stop shop, where easy and convenient access to financial services are provided. The products are tailor made to suit the needs of customers, they include savings account, current account, investment accounts, ATM, mobile banking, funds transfer services both local and international and we have the best turnaround time for our loan products.

As a customer-centered bank, Amenfiman provide platforms for customers to express their dissatisfaction which gives them cues to delivering the best service experience, for customers.

“Our financial indicators demonstrate our growth over the years which solidifies the confidence and trust our customers have in us. Even in the phase of a global pandemic, we have grown in all our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s),” Dr. Asmah stated

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