#OutstandingBrands2021: CalBank’s Corporate and Institutional Banking: Calm during the storm

Philip Owiredu, Managing Director, CalBank

CalBank, in its more than three decades of existence, has been a pillar on which the entire spectrum of financial services has stood. From stimulating capital market engagements, by being one of the few banks listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) to financing major infrastructure projects as well a strong retail presence, CalBank remains at the fore of financial intermediation in the country.

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented levels of distress to economies and corporations, our strong balance and deep-rooted expertise has made CalBank poised to offer tailor-made corporate and institutional banking services to drive the post-pandemic economic recovery process.

Our Expertise

At a time of great uncertainty, everyone needs a steady hand to inspire confidence and allay fears, and large corporations and institutions are not exempted. CalBank is evidently well positioned to provide this and more.

Our Corporate Solutions are delivered by a highly skilled and experienced relationship management team who are abreast with the latest financial techniques and market needs to provide sound financial advice and support. Assisting them to offer bespoke solutions to our corporate clients is an expansive international footprint through our network of top correspondent banks and in-depth local experience that makes us a reliable partner for corporate business.

As a Bank we believe in the uniqueness of each client. We, therefore, ensure to deliver with speed, operational efficiency, dynamism, and professionalism a rich bouquet of solutions unique to each client’s needs to optimize the customer experience and offer our clients sustainable value.

Our offering

Our Corporate offering covers a wide range of services across our product groups including Transactional Banking, Electronic Banking, Cash Management Services, Trade Finance and Business Finance.

These services are offered from our local expertise based on global insights. Our best-in-class corporate package is delivered to a clientele base from different segments of the market such as large corporates, multinationals, and institutions.

Our core Value Propositions include Collections and Cash Management. This solution was enabled by state-of-the-art technology, which we had invested heavily in, pre-pandemic and has therefore proven timely. These solutions are particularly useful for organisations with large-volume deposit requirements. CalBank’s Collections portals and platforms provide data enrichment, facilitate reconciliation, and allows for customizable reports.

Additionally, we understand the needs of our corporate entities and we position ourselves to respond to their needs. Knowing the need of our corporate entities for multi-currency denominated credit facilities, we, therefore, as part of our offerings provide asset financing and working capital facilities.

Whereas our asset finance solution provides short, medium- and long-term financing for capital expenditure and investments and supporting businesses to procure assets such as land, buildings, plant & machinery, vehicles and other capital expenditure items, our working capital facilities helps to finance the short term operational needs and recurrent expenses of our corporate clients through Overdrafts, Credit Lines, Invoice Discounting, Receivables Financing and Inventory Financing.

Our expertise in trade finance is unmatched in the industry. We offer a comprehensive range of international trade and commodity financing solutions for importers, exporters, and traders. These trade finance solutions are tailored to meet our corporate and business clients’ global import and export needs in a timely and efficient manner. These solutions include Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Documentary Collections, Direct Transfers and Online Banking.

As a forward-thinking digital Bank, our dynamic online banking solution is designed with the primary aim of facilitating and automating payments made by our corporate clients and providing them unfettered access to their accounts on a secured network.

The portal allows our clients to initiate and process payments directly through the Bank’s core banking software without any intervention from the Bank. Clients can therefore make payments directly to suppliers, service providers, regulators, employees et cetera with the utmost convenience.

How do we support our clients?

The value offered our corporate clients is enhanced through strategic partnerships with certain key entities such as government, state owned enterprises, private businesses etc. both domestically and internationally. We do so because to borrow the words of Helen Keller, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

So, as a team, we believe the success of our corporate clients’ businesses will take care of themselves once we are moving forward together.

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