Vodafone comes to the aid of motorcycle accident victim


Vodafone Healthline has offered timely medical intervention to a first-year student of JE Atta Mills SHS, Ekumfi in the Central Region, Cecelia Aidoo, after severely fracturing her right arm to a motorcycle accident.

According to Cecilia, she was on her way to church on that fateful day when an unknown rider knocked her down. She became unconscious and only woke up at the Winneba hospital in severe pain.

Father of the victim, Emmanuel Aidoo recounting the incident stated that his daughter’s hand was placed in a plaster of Paris (PoP) cast, which was scheduled to be removed two weeks after her discharge.

However, after the PoP was removed, Cecilia was in constant pain forcing them to take her to herbal treatment center which proved futile. He added that Cecelia was brought home from school on several occasions as she could not bear the constant pain.

“I went through a lot of distressing times until she finally completed school but she could not pass all her papers so I was worried until, luckily, she got admission to the JE Atta Mills SHS where one of the teachers contacted us to say that Vodafone Healthline has agreed to come to the rescue of Cecelia,” Mr. Aidoo said.

A teacher at the school, Doreen Dela Agbedoe, stated that Cecilia’s situation was dire and she was determined to assist in any way that she could.

“I took her back to the Winneba hospital for the second time to see a specialist doctor, who studied her and said a surgery could be done to help her and I discussed with my colleagues to raise funds to support her but just around that same time, the school was closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I later called a friend who works with an NGO and he indicated that he will contact Vodafone Healthline on our behalf which he did and thankfully Cecelia was chosen for assistance,” she revealed.

Full of excitement post-surgery, Mr. Aidoo said, “Considering the distress and problems that had engulfed me; for Vodafone Healthline to help restore my daughter’s arm so she can write again, gives me so much joy. May God bless them and let their business prosper.”

In the myth-buster segment, Dr Abba Folson and Dr Kwekuma Yalley debunked a popularly-held misconception that undiluted honey is not sugar, as such; it can be consumed in comparatively higher quantities.

Dr Abba explained that despite containing less glucose and fructose per ounce than processed sugar, honey, even in its purest form, still contains high concentration glucose and fructose hence excessive consumption can be harmful.

Dr. Yalley however touted the anti-aging properties of honey due to the presence of an antioxidant but cautioned that this is dependent on the purity of the honey.

However, since it is difficult to identify which process was used to obtain the honey, it is crucial that consumption is moderated to avoid harm to the body.

Furthermore, Consultant Urologist at the University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC), Dr Kweku Asante, urged men above the age of 50 to take their prostate health seriously as it can render them infertile.

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