First ever STEAM-based Montessori opens

Mrs. Diana McBagonluri, Co-Founder of iSTEAM Academy

Ghana’s first ever Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM)-based educational centre for children has been officially opened for admission. The iSTEAM Academy will focus on nurturing the next generation of children’s curiosity to explore nature and test theories in everyday situations through hands-on experience.

The Academy, which uses evidence-based STEAM curricula, will nurture children to become more than just users of technology by also becoming critical thinkers.

This latest innovation is in response to demands of the global economy, which is moving toward technologically-based industries and creating growth in demand for workers proficient in STEAM.

Mrs. Diana McBagonluri, Co-Founder of iSTEAM Academy said: “The world continues to be complex and challenging – requiring sophisticated, imaginative, clever and ethical citizens. It is with this in mind that I suggest businesses and schools begin to collaborate in order to ensure every child is able to appreciate, experience and engage with the very best our societies can offer them; so that everyone commits to making the future the very best one we can collectively bring about”.

According to her, giving children limitless ambition and expanded horizons is a vital part of any world-class educational provision that can contribute to revealing to them the many possibilities around us.

She further remarked: “If they haven’t been sailing, or even been out in the countryside to climb a mountain or orienteer, or to a zoo, if they haven’t been to an art gallery, if they haven’t been to a ballet or opera or a classical music concert, or a jazz club, then they are deprived of a rich cultural repertoire that will for most of them remain hidden forever. They won’t dream of achieving in those fields, or want to be part of them in some way – because they won’t know about them, and will have never experienced their richness”.

iSTEAM Academy is a first-in-class-premium STEAM education designed to prepare children (KG-6) for the dynamic and changing workplace and further studies. Located in a secured environment at Teiman in Accra, the school has a small size classes to enhance facilitator-student engagement and world-class experiential laboratory to sustain students’ interests, demystify learning, adapt to different learning styles and arm kids for future success.

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