KEK Group officially launch new logo


The crème de la crème of Ghana’s insurance chieftains gathered together last year at the corporate head office of the country’s largest insurance broking firm, KEK Group to witness the launch of a refresh corporate logo of the group.

Present at this August launch included Chief Executives, Officers and Directors of both life and non-life in insurance companies, executives from the National Insurance Commission in addition to executives of the Trade Association of Insurance Broking Firms and the Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana.

Speaking at the launch, Shaibu Ali – Managing Director of the KEK Group pointed out that the role of a corporate logo is as important as the service offered or preposition of the company.

More importantly, he stated that it is the first point of interaction with the company by outsiders, which gives life and meaning to what the company does and tacitly as a bearing on the outlook and confidence of the staff.

“It is therefore not something that should be taken for granted,” Shaibu Ali emphasise. Companies go through various facets of life and it is necessary that at any point in time we are mindful of where in the life cycle of a company finds itself. This will determine the packaging and presentation of key things like the company logo.

According to him, KEK believes that after 30 years in existence the logo is matured and needs a lease of life to take them to the next stage.

“This new stage that we are entering is a stage: – Where insurance cannot be done as we are doing now. – “Insurtech” and digitalization need to take centre stage in the operations. – Where we need to break new grounds further from beyond what we currently do. – Where we need to position ourselves to offer services to the sectors of the economy that have been marginalized and lastly, we need to de-cluster the insurance market place and move away from the over concentration on the same book of business”.

To accomplish the above-mentioned areas, Shaibu Ali said there is a need for a logo that can relate to the times and generations.

The Commissioner of Insurance, Dr. Justice Yaw Ofori, represented by his Deputy Kofi Andoh stated that the rebranding has come a long way, hence the National Insurance Commission is very proud that the KEK brand is one of the most respected indigenous Ghanaian brands both here in Ghana and on the international scene.

“It is public knowledge that KEK is the market leader in both the insurance and reinsurance brokerage market. The company and its subsidiaries have consistently shown growth and resilience year after year. This has continued even after the unfortunate demise of its founder; may he rest in peace,” he said.

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