Local tech space to benefit from US$10m investment from Seven Inc


Seven Inc, an e-commerce startup, will raise and invest about US$10 million between 2021 – 2026 in Ghana’s tech space, an official has disclosed.

In an exclusive interview with Vincent Djokoto, Managing Director of Seven Inc, he told the Business & Financial Times that the startup seeks to partner with a number of indigenous and Ghana-based tech, design and logistics firms.

“Seven has recently entered quite an exciting phase as a startup. We’ve partnered with a local tech firm and are confident of a fully-functioning life-changing app within the first quarter of 2021,” Vincent Djokoto said. “We’re looking to pump US$10 million, over the next five years, into the business,” he added.

Seven Inc plans to launch an app that gives consumers a clear idea of a variety of products available on Africa’s free market. The tech startup will act as a digitized software company that focuses on connecting and supervising end to end transactions between suppliers and customers.

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