Launch of ‘Afro-Space Cube’ primes Ghana as arts hub in AfCFTA


Afro-Space Cube (ASC), a first of its kind invention in the world that seeks to combine entertainment with health benefits and historic insight inclusively has been launched in Accra -La Palm hotel.

The artifact, which was designed and developed by New-York based Ghanaian artist & architect, Raphael Ogoe (Rafogoe), is an immersive creative art installation with several lightening effects that provides an atmospheric environment likened to the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Uniqueness of the artifact can be found in its composition, comprising lightening effect that keeps changing with mirror reflections and sound. The elusive lightening system provides an indescribable experience and real time excitement/ fun. It also brings deep relief that is of health benefits to the body and soul, and considered to absorb stress and mitigate depression.

The music blend and spoken word deliveries is full of Ghanaian culture and history which can serve as an educative tool to learners. It has been described as a real-time virtual mobile museum that takes one through the past, present and future.

Afro-Space Cube, was official launch in Ghana as part of activities lined up for the ‘Year Beyond Return,’ and has received the full support of the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo, as he considers the invention as world class innovation that will put Ghana on the global map and further strengthen its position as lead country in the creative arts space in Africa.

The inventor, Rafogoe, emphasized that one of the main objectives for the launch in Ghana is to create the space and environment for other creative artists in the country to collaborate, learn and innovate to thrive in the arts sector.

“The Afro-space cube gives you an outer world experience, gives the ultimate cosmic encounter and a fantasy world full of ever-changing colours and surprises. It is something that I have been working on for about four years now, doing research and other necessary enquires.

I have been in talk with big companies like Google and Disney who are all very interested in this project but because of the ‘Year of Return’ initiative by the Ghana government for diaspora to come home, I decided to bring it home and let it kick start here.

This invention here is going to promote tourism, and we are willing to bring on board any company that is willing to join in the creation of innovation to bring development and impact society,” he said.

The President of Women in Tourism and CEO of Staple Travel & Tour Ltd, Ambassador Nancy Sam, talking from a personal experience perspective, has said: “It comes with elusion of lights and mirror reflection that makes one feel like in space, you don’t know whether you are standing or laying down when you enter. In fact, it gives you the impression that you are in the present and when you go in you are in the future.”

she added that the dimensions, lightening and sounds are so different that ones in, one does not know whether he/she is standing or laying down.

Furthermore, she reiterated the importance of the ASC as not only as means of entertainment but also as a stress reliever for adults, children and even the depressed.


Afro-Space Cube role in positioning Ghana as art hub in AfCFTA

As all is set for the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to set off in January 2020, the battle for sector supremacy and staying relevant in the market intensifies with member countries seeking to develop and produce best quality authentic products and service.

The creative arts and tourism sector are aspects that Ghana has made great strides to uphold its authority starting with the introduction of ‘The Year of Return’ and subsequently the ‘The year beyond return.

Afro-Space Cube is the first of its kind invention in the world and a Ghanaian holds the copyright to that effect and with the launch taking place in Ghana, it obviously puts the country on the global map.

With the interest shown by global technological brands Google and Disney in the invention and lobbying their way around to invest in the artifact, this could lead to mass production and marketing globally which will further deepen Ghana’s creative arts and culture to Africa and the world.

The prototype ASC is located at La Palm Hotel but similar ones will be developed throughout the 16 regions of Ghana in a nationwide exhibition.

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