Whoop Uncovered: Behind the laughter …A conversation with comedy skit master SDK


SDK is a young budding Ghanaian comedian, skit maker and content creator. His real name is Sadik Dele.

The comedian burst to fame in 2017 after his comedy videos got the attention of Ghanaians. Over the years, SDK has become a household name and his influence keep soaring hence brands have started engaging him for influencer marketing gigs.

With the first edition of #WhoopUncovered by Whoopro, we had a chat with SDK to know more about him and how comedy begun for the talented comedian.

Whoopro: Who’s SDK?

SDK: SDK is an actor, a comedian, content creator and a writer. I’m just lovely fun person.

Whoopro: Where did you grow up and which schools did you attend?

SDK: I was born in Nigeria but grew in Ghana (Tema). I attended primary at Tema Community 2 No.4. For JHS, I attended Mexico 2 JHS after which I went to Swedru SDA Senior High but later transferred to Oyoko Methodist SHS in Koforidua….that’s where I completed.

Whoopro: What were some of the difficult moments when growing up?

SDK: I think going to church because it’s a struggle to get offertory for the pastor…lol. But on a real, sleeping space was a struggle for me and moving from one place to the other but all is cool now

Whoopro: When did the passion for comedy started?

SDK: I think right after SHS. Because back in school, I was the Entertainment Prefect and I get compliments from friends that I’m funny. Comedy is also something that’s in the family DNA.

Whoopro: Are you happy with the level of content creation in Ghana?

SDK: Not really. Because now it’s all about numbers but no value. And even if you should do quantity, it should be quality because it’s people that will watch and not dogs.

Whoopro: Do you consider Tik Tok users as content creators?

SDK: Hmmm this question. I think some create “original” content but the app has giving this notion that you can take people’s content and just recreate it and add some spice to it…So I will say in a way they are and in some way they are not.

Whoopro: Who is your Favorite Tik Tok influencer or Content Creator?
Actually, I started handling my Tik Tok account recently so I don’t really have a favourite now.

Whoopro: What direction do you see content creation in the country going to?
We are getting there. I think few are making it have a value but some are sinking us and is bad.

Whoopro: Are content creators taken seriously in this country?

SDK: Nope

Whoopro: Why?

SDK: Hmmm. They think what we do is just a joke but it is not. This is work. This is what I use to feed and pay bills.

Whoopro: How do you get your ideas for content creation?

SDK: Music, movies and sometimes just walking and thinking

Whoopro: Between these two (Ashaiman Junction & Omega) which one is your favorite?
Ashaiman Junction cos more work went into producing them. Shout out to Stonebwoy and Sarkodie

Whoopro: You have worked with a lot of brands. How did you feel getting your first project from a brand and how did you get it?

SDK: I felt happy and normal and I think I had phone call to do skit for a company and they were like I should write everything and shoot it. I was happy because for a brand to trust your work is not easy.

Whoopro: So have you ever worked for a brand and not been paid before?

SDK: Naa but been cheated by third parties (betweeners). As3m ahba! But I believe Whoopro is here to solve this problem!!

Whoopro: How did you get your parents to join your skits?

SDK: (In pidgin) Dem naa fooling dey bee dem so na dem wan join (laugh)

Whoopro: Do your parents charge you for joining your skits?

SDK: No. But now they are demanding

Whoopro: Who inspires you to do what you do?

SDK: Coming up Kalybos. Now it’s Peele, Dave Chappell and my self

Whoopro: Is content creation a full-time job for your family or you have side jobs?

SDK: Is a full-time job, my YouTube studio will be done soon. Expect more content with the family every day.

Whoopro: What are some challenges you face as a content creator?

SDK: Creating the content, time, getting location to shoot and money.

Whoopro: Which content creators outside Ghana will you like to work with?

SDK: Kingbach, Anwar, Rudy, Maraji and KSI

Whoopro: Who are your top 3 content creators in Ghana?

SDK: Kwadwo Sheldon, Teacher Kwadwo and myself. You can do from down to top or top to down.

Whoopro: What do you make of cyber bullying?

SDK:  Hmmm. It’s not good but one day am sure they will use someone as an escape chicken

Whoopro: What does the future hold for SDK?

SDK: The future is big and bright. Looking up to more content, collaborations and movies.

Whoopro: Thank you SDK for having this interview with us. Any words to your fans and people that follow you?

SDK: I love them and I will make them proud. If I don’t make them proud, I will give them 2,000 dollars each. Thank you Whoopro for the chit chat appreciate the support.

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