Scan or dial to pay – GhIPSS CEO advises shoppers


As people shop for the Christmas festivities, the Chief Executive of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), Archie Hesse, is encouraging them to use the GhQR and other electronic payment channels. He explained that opting for GhQR will make shopping more convenient and safer.

Shopping normally picks up during this time of year, with central business districts bustling with activities in most towns and cities. Most market centres are normally crowded with shoppers, and many miscreants such as tricksters and thieves also find their way to such places to steal from them.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Hesse urged shoppers to turn to GhQR or any other electronic payment channels and avoid carrying cash and be exposed to thieves and other miscreants who will be loitering in the busy commercial centres. He explained that the GhQR is easy to use and has been deployed by many shops and other merchant outlets.  He therefore encouraged shoppers to be on the lookout for the QR code signage in shops and then ‘scan or dial to pay’.

GhIPSS has begun an intensive media campaign to create awareness about QR Code and its benefits to shoppers and merchants. The company – with support from financial institutions, FinTechs and other partners – is using various platforms, including social media as well as radio and television, to educate the public and encourage them to patronise the service.

The majority of the country’s banks, key telecommunications companies and leading FinTechs have gone live with the GhQR code and are assisting merchants to set up in order to receive payments via QR codes. A number of shops, restaurants, hotels and eateries have displayed the QR code, indicating that they accept it as a form of payment.

The GhIPSS boss is asking the public to patronise the QR code to enjoy the convenience and safety that comes with it. He also believes that the more people use QR codes to make payment, the more other merchants will be encouraged to also set up the service.

The GhQR payment is universal, which means that the public can pay regardless of the bank, Telco or FinTech that supports their electronic funds. Additionally, while customers with smart phones can scan and pay, those with feature phones can dial the displayed merchant code and pay. Mr. Hesse said the ‘dial to pay or scan to pay’ feature makes the GhQR code very friendly and available to all.

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