How Betway Ghana brings the experience of gaming in a live environment


The online gaming experience has been improving over the years, thanks to technological innovations. Initially, some punters had complained about the lack of the real casino feeling on online casino platforms. But, casino operators responded by introducing live casino games. A great example to this is the popular Ghana-licensed Betway brand, which introduced an immersive experience on Betway Live Casino where visitors can access games in a live casino environment from the comfort (and nowadays – safety) of their homes.

The live casino has become particularly important in this era where you have to keep social distance to be safe. The global health pandemic forced the WHO to come up with regulations to help curb the spread of the deadly virus. One measure introduced was social distancing. This directive led to the closure of most businesses that involved human interaction. For example, it hit hard the casino industry as punters could not gather in the land-based casinos to enjoy their favorite games.

However, it has been a challenging time for human beings who are social beings naturally. Therefore, to remain sane, they need to engage in human interaction, albeit in a safe environment. Online casino operators like Betway appreciate human interaction, hence facilitate this human need through online live casino games.

What’s ‘Live’ About These Casino Games?

Betway live casino invokes specific expectations about what punters expect from a game. The most critical aspect that live games address is how realistic the games are. Realism involves providing gamblers on online platforms with a gaming experience close to the one at the brick-and-mortar casino. This means facilitating players to interact with live dealers.

Live Dealers Are the Core of Live Casino Games

Live games usually have a human dealer who deals out the cards, rolls the dice, or spins the wheel. Punters can literally see the live dealers perform these functions. The effect is expertly designed to make the online gamblers feel like they are at the table in the land casino, placing their bets and watching the action. To get the feel of how real the experience feels at the live casino, you can try playing the same game at the land-based casino.

How the Live Casino Works

Online casino operators have to invest in technology and staff for live casino gaming to be flawless. For instance, they will need an IT manager, pit boss, croupiers, and a cameraman. These are the main components of a live casino set up:

  • Cameras – cameras are the eyes that dealers and players use to see each other during the games. Casinos use powerful cameras to stream the gaming session live.
  • Game Control Unit – this is the brain of the live casino. Each table at the live casino has its own GCU. The GCU is the device responsible for encoding video data broadcasted during the live game.
  • Wheel – live casinos use wheels in the studio to recreate the brick and mortar experience. The wheels are fitted with sensors that send data automatically.
  • Human Dealers – dealers are important in ensuring the live casino mirror the land-based casino as much as possible.
  • Monitor – the monitor is on the dealer’s side, helping them direct and keep track of the bets placed by players.

Final Thoughts

In these social distancing times, live casino games will present humans with the safest way to stay in touch. As long as there is no control over the virus’s spread, punters will have to rely on Betway live games to interact with other punters. Stay safe!

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