Poetry Corner: Highly Inspired Vengeance – H. I. V. (4)

Poetry Corner

He lusted after her

She resisted many times over

He lasted

She persisted

His pestering became too persistent

Even when she was insistent

So she told him her small mind

To place him among his kind

…where he belonged


Your kind sows and grows and mows the grass

Prunes the flora

…in our lawns

Your kind tend to our dirty basket of linen

Your kind wipes clean father’s fleet of limousines

Your kind get fed with crumbs

…from our table of plenty

Your kind get paid with peanuts

…from our surplus of plenty

So mind to find your kind


But he would not take a no for an answer

For he knew her kind

Her kind would mean yes for a no

Her kind would dole out a no

To prop up an ego

So he took her no for a yes

And bided his time

He knew it was only a matter of time

Just a matter of time to kiss that young miss


Some friends learned of his adventure

For an obstinate lass to woo

Good friends warned him not his amorous desire to nurture

For his persistence could cause him a woe

Foul friends wanted him to go on to conquer

To silence those insulting lips

…damn the consequence

He garnered support from friends of vicious rapport

To proceed to invade a damsel’s guarded parts

By sedating a drink for a damsel to drink


His conquest was complete

A success in his quest to deposit a virus

A virus

A virus bequeathed to him by a vindictive Ex

“Nurture a virus till you know when to zip a lip

Lick your wounds as I laugh with all glee

…at my conquest”


It took a monumental period of mourning

In her private musings

To dull her battered emotions

To nurse her bruised ego

The next moment she was on the go

Determined to stage a pay back

“Vengeance is mine

It must be payback time

A time to transmit what had been transferred

A time to share what had been shared

A time to act without tact



It was a spreading spree of a spiralling size

To a husband for a wife

To an ex-lover for a new found

To a playboy for all playmates

To a lustful shepherd for any among the sheepfold

To a boss who must have his way

She was anybody’s good time girl

…just theirs for their asking

Even as a deserving turn for one good turn


The spread was complete

She knew it

She knew she had dug up a pit

To swallow up one of her own

She knew the damage she set out to inflict

Had done her in

She knew the infection had gone full cycle

She knew her vengeance had paid her back

…so badly

She knew the virus had gone round

She knew it

…the day her younger sister came home to introduce her new found

She knew it

…that she got her share of what she gave out

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