MASLOC begins disbursement to affected traders of Odawna market fire

Photo: Some of the beneficiary traders

The Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) has begun the disbursement of stimulus packages to affected traders whose shops were destroyed by fire at the Odawna Market.

According to the Director of Operations, Dominic Baah Ayim, for Masloc 250 people on Friday, December 4, 2020, have received their stimulus packages adding that the process will continue until all the 1000 people we have registered receive their package to restart their businesses.

He praised the government for coming to the aid of the traders who have lost their business.

“You can see people have been gathered here to receive the loans they applied for, these are the fire victims, I am happy that we have been able to serve these people because that is one of our essence. The president had promised them that he will not leave them alone and that he’ll make sure to help them, and this is the beginning of the promise, we have been started fulfilling the promise here today and I must confess that I am happy” he said.

Mr. Baah Ayim also noted that claims in the media implying that packages are given according to party colours is false adding that the affected traders were registered all-round without discrimination.

“I must confess that when the fire disaster happened, the fire did not discriminate whether you’re NPP or NDC, the fire didn’t discriminate so we didn’t discriminate either, we just registered all of them.” He said.

“Our sister agency NBSSI have paid part, and we have also paid part so that is in the fulfilment of the promise to help the Traders”, he stated.

The traders were delighted and praised the government for the swift effort. Their leaders told the media that they were going to ensure that the monies are put to good use to ensure smooth repayment to stimulate the economy.

“This is a loan that has come our way at a tough time. This money is to help us start our business again; it is not meant for feeding our kids or buying cloth for ceremonies; that is the education we will drum home to the traders so that they are conscious of what the money must be used for,” one of their leaders, Kwame Oppong said.

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