Poetry Corner: Highly Infected Virgin – H. I. V. (3)

poetry corner

It was their moment

The moment they waited patiently for

A long, long patient wait

For Virgin Vera and Virgin Victor

Their joy knew no measure

As friends and family showered gifts of flowery praise

For the two were loving examples of how to marry chaste

Of how to wait until taken

Until broken by the one who must


So her hymen was broken by the one who must

… on the first night

On a honeymoon for the two greens

…acting too green

A virginity confirmed by bloody stains

…on a sheet of white


The union took off to a blissful start

Becoming the envy of many a searching heart

One year on, a child was born

To make the union a threesome

Three years on, another was born

To make them a quartet


At the age when the first child turned four

His health turned poor

Also Virgin Vera and Virgin Victor

Several tests revealed various ailments

…at varied stages

All perplexing and defiant

From malaria to diarrhoea

From anemia to pneumonia

Also tuberculosis

Various treatments in variable doses

Failed to bury bacterial germs

It took an escalated diagnosis to unearth a hidden virus

…a Human Immunodeficiency Virus


When the news was broken

Two hearts were broken

Two hearts of humble virgin beginnings

How daring could a virus be?

Where did a virus pass to rudely intervene

…in a virgin enclave?

Virgin Vera and Virgin Victor subjected to a clinical test

Only to be placed in the positive box of the virus


First it was a state of denial and fear

“How could we believe in this viral smear? ”

Disbelief turned to shock

Grief soon replaced shock

But the grief was so brief

For Virgin Vera had a confession to brief

Not a brief confession to end in a second’s split

It was a confession to name a culprit


It happened in her university days

When constraints of funds were part of her student ways

Daily constraints she confronted in diverse ways

But which still grew wings to stare her in the face


In the face of her avowed resolve

To have the tag of a graduate

…tagged around her

She trudged through nonetheless

One conversation with a hall mate

…and a following after that fellow to enter a strange gate

Was all it took to straighten up her dire straits


It was a weekend party

…a coitus party

…a coitus party of another kind

It was done from their behind

With their front turned away for a hind posture

…in the butt

To make a fast buck

It was for members only

Tucked away from the prying eyes of the passing public


They went week after week

They went till the semesters were complete

Till she graduated as an upper class donor

As a Highly Infected Virgin

…without knowing it.


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