Ghana Election 2020: Punters favour Nana Addo to win the election –


The Ghana presidential election which comes off in less than seven days have seen thousands of punters made up their mind, who they think will win.

The sportsbook giant, confirm upon close monitoring of betting trends, Nana Addo is the customers preferred betting choice. in a statement states “ We are elated to see the betting pattern from punters and currently the bets are leaning in favour of the president”. had to twice adapt election odds to cater to the current trend in customer betting behaviour. “Just to be clear: what people bet and what they vote might be two very different things!” added to their statement. recently put out high odds on Ghana presidential election and days after putting out odds on the presidential election, it has generated massive excitement and buzz within the Ghanaian electorate particularly the sports betting community.

Ghanaians will go to the polls come December 7 to elect a president who will manage the country’s economic resource and steer the affairs of the country for the next four years. stands for a peaceful election and wish all the presidential aspirants good luck in their quest for the highest seat of the land.

Ghana presidential odds –

Next President Odds                                  Most Votes First Round odds

Nana Addo 1.60                                             Nana Addo  1.50

John Mahama 2.10                                         John Mahama 2.20

Neither            25.00                                      Neither            25.00


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