Poetry Corner Highly Infused Veins – H. I. V.  (2)


Labour pains ran all over her anatomy

Lowering from her upper down her lower abdomen

Announcing her place among fertile women

Her labour noise was heard travelling along the lobby

Registering her voice around the ward of maternity

Calling her nurse to attend to a delivery

So her nurse hurried to calm her noise

Calming her not to make labour pains and noise worse


The vital stats taken stated a healthy status

But her blood count could not be accounted for

So her nurse made a dash to consult her superior

When she returned she had an order from her superior

To seek another’s blood to transfuse

Before birthing would be granted a berthing

However a quick check at the blood bank got her confused

For there was no ready blood to use


Her husband was the first to offer blood to donate

But hardly did his blood grouping prove to match

Many others who lined up to offer a pint

Could hardly offer up quality blood to donate

So a search team was sent to town

For that rare blood grouping to locate


One they brought from town

Was a real gentleman of no mean repute

A fact no one would dispute

No infectious disease could anyone impute

…to his blood

No debilitating defect could the routine test detect

…in his blood

Husband and wife and family had reason to shower

Tons upon tons of praises upon the generous donor

Therefore a bouncy baby was added to the number


Many years passed

Many years passed for symptoms to tell their own story

For mother and child

It was a stern warning issued each morning

Which gave them a serious cause for worrying



Each morning was a wake up call to welcome a chain of malaise

A back pain or a neck pain

A headache or a stomachache

A bout of malaria

A round of nausea

A pound of diarrhoea

A mound of pneumonia


Each symptom served a reminder to visit a lab for a thorough body test

Each body test recommended an advanced test

Many tests crossed paths for diagnosis to tell the real story

For prognosis to point to a medical history

A history filled with the story of a transfusion of blood

…of years ago

When a donor of repute

Dispensed blood full of impurities

…without knowing

When a routine test recommended infected blood

…without knowing


Rife but reliable rumours in town had it all

That the donor they dragged from town many years ago

That donor of no mean repute

Was now a patient wasting away in a sickbay

Where his H. I. V. status was now not in dispute

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