Huawei Seeds for the Future has given us a new ICT perspective – beneficiaries


Student beneficiaries of the just ended Huawei Seeds for the Future, Ghana 2020 have relished the experience and knowledge gained from the week long program describing it as an eye opener which has given them a new ICT perspective that has now broaden their horizon on their career path in the field.

Sharing their experiences via video interviews which was organized as part of the concluding activities of the program, the students expressed their gratitude to Huawei for the opportunity granted and promised to use what they studied to contribute to digitalization and development of ICT in Ghana and the Sub Region.

Sharing her experience, Ms. Audrey Obuobisa Darko, a Bsc. Computer Science student from Ashesi University said “The seeds for the future program [is] nothing like I had ever encountered, I do study computer science in school, however, this program was different. I got the opportunity to learn so many things within five days.” She also hinted that the program has helped her in her career decision. “I used to have a lot of self-doubts about my career choice in computer science, but after this program, I am proud to say that I have never been this certain” she said.

Jeremiah Amlanu Dela, a third year computer science student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) was inspired by what he learnt on AI Processors and Chips he said, “Initially, I always saw these [AI] Processors as something abstract and I had no idea how they worked, but then during the program we had a professional from the Huawei headquarters who actually took us through the way the way the processor chips are built. Also getting to know about the fact that young students and undergrads like myself, were given the opportunity to build their own processor chips from scratch elsewhere really gave me the idea that I can also do this. And then honestly it is something that surprised me and I am really look forward to getting into full time after school”.

On her part, Ms. Akosua Serwaa Affriannie, a Bsc. Telecommunications Engineering student from the Ghana Communication Technology College (GCTU) was fascinated about how technology was being use to protect and conserve nature. She said. “Seeing and learning about how Smart AI devices are being deployed in some rain forests to monitor the spider monkeys and help save their habitat, during one of the AI advance class sessions was an eye opener.” She said went on to reveal how that her passion in using technology to conserve nature has inspired her to charter a new career path.  “The way Technology interacts with nature, make me want to pursue how I can help conserve nature through Technology. It’s about time we leverage on technologies like AI, Cloud and 5G to save nature. In my time in the Seeds for the future program we’ve learnt that ICT has helped to improve upon almost all the aspects of our lives and has made it much easier.”

The week long activity which took 50 students on an exciting and a learning ICT journey gave the participating students the opportunity to learning about new technologies like 5G, AI, Chip Technology, and Cloud Computing among others from top industry experts and professionals from Huawei.  It also included activities like Teck Talk as well as Leadership and Mentorship sessions for participants.

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