Andrew Ackah, CEO of Dentsu, features on Y Leaderboard Series

Andrew Ackah, CEO of Dentsu

Media and marketing communications expert and CEO of Dentsu Ghana, Andrew Ackah has become the latest leader to feature on the Y Leaderboard Series aired on Y107.9 FM.

In a riveting interview with Akosua Hanson, Andrew spoke on his upbringing, childhood memories, school life, family, career and inspiration. The marketing communications expert revealed that he grew up in a family of thirteen. He shared that this aspect of his childhood taught him the power of competition as well as the need to play politics when needed.

“Coming from a family of thirteen is always interesting. That is where I learned to try to survive and compete. I had to play politics to make sure I was in everyone’s good books. It was amazing,” he said.

According to him, growing up in a family of thirteen deprived him of certain luxuries of life that he began to question why he could not get certain things. While he mentions that he was appreciative of his parents’ efforts in providing for him, he says, “I did not really understand why others would have something that I didn’t have. And for me that sense of inadequacy pushed me.”

Andrew further revealed that certain tragedies such as the loss of siblings and friends gave him a sense of working hard to become successful.

“You grow up having that feeling that for those who left before you, they placed that burden on you for a purpose. That also gave me that sense of pursuit. I needed to keep working and keep pushing because there is a lot I had to do. There is a lot that I have to do and that sense of always wanting to fulfil has always been in me. That constant reminder that I need to do something a lot more than I have done is what has been keeping me going.”

Speaking on his education, he noted that the highlight of his life was going to St. Augustine’s College where he learnt to understand others’ opinions and the path he set for himself. Besides that, he shared that the motto of his Alma matter, Omnia Vincit Labor (Perseverance conquers All) has pushed him beyond all odds and he will forever be grateful for the education he received.

As a husband and father, Andrew shared the many lessons that family life has taught him. For example, speaking on parenthood he stated, “Learning how to a parent now by your own standard is what I think they [my children] are making me learn and I am going through that now. It is less shouting and more conversation. And you feel they are getting better all the time. So you learn to be patient with them.”

Programmes Manager of YFM, Eddy Blay commenting on the interview with Andrew Ackah, noted: “Ghana is blessed to have great leaders and Ghana is also blessed to have YFM draw these leaders closer to the youths. Andrew’s insightful words today is what every youth needs to develop. I will urge every young person to stick to the Y Leaderboard Series for great advice.”

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