‘Toyota Starlet’ offers motorists a taste of pleasurable auto experience  


Toyota’s new ‘Toyota Starlet 2020’, with an aspirational theme that drives every driver and occupant to the highest level of exciting automobile experience, has become the new global star of automobiles.

This new car among Toyota’s numerous durable brands on the market offers motorists and car enthusiasts a feel of automobile experience pleasure.

The Toyota Starlet, which was unveilled recently on the forecourt of Toyota’s office in Kumasi, is a budget car with classic and unique profiles which appeal to all income earners; and like its models, the Starlet embraces Toyota’s legacy of quality, durability and reliability.

Powered by a 4 cylinder 1.4-litre engine, the Starlet operates on low fuel consumption with an automatic transmission.

The new Starlet is affordable to run and has great infotainment functionalities which include Toyota connects and Android auto. The instrument cluster is bright and easy to read, with on-centre Multi-information display and dual analogue gauges.


With a modern exterior design, spacious interior and enhanced specification levels, it is an automobile of choice in the current generation.

Mr. Takuya Kajiura, Managing Director of Toyota Ghana, addressing invited guests at the vehicle’s official outdooring indicated that given the confidence the company assigns to the Starlet model, Toyota is offering a package of 5 years or 150,000km manufacturer’s warranty, whichever comes first.

“If there was ever a time you should be looking for a dynamic, stylish and elegant but affordable vehicle with the comfort of a super-car, then your time is now; please look no further than the new Toyota Starlet,” he stressed.

2020 has been a very dramatic year for all industries including the automobile sector, according to Mr. Takuya Kajiura, and COVID-19 has reversed almost all the gains that were projected at beginning of the year.

In spite of this negative impact, Toyota Ghana has developed very innovative alternative approaches to their operations to keep customers’ transport needs at optimum levels, and Toyota is committed to sustaining the Toyota Philosophy of ‘Customer First’ despite the external business environment challenges the company is being confronted with.

Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement as a principle of business operation is never compromised, and for this reason within the past five months Toyota has introduced two new products onto the Ghanaian market – that is, the small but agile Agya and the stylish new Corolla.

Starlet unique Specs

The Starlet brings everything one would expect from a compact hatchback: including an ideal size to drive everywhere with agility.

Enjoy the full Toyota experience with its comfortable cabin and advanced technologies that will delight one’s journey with the good feeling of energy and sportiness that comes from its sleek and fluid lines.

Its wide and low silhouette offers more stability at high speed, with good ground clearance. With a turning radius of 4.9m, one can enjoy the agile turns even in congested places.


The elegant upholstery and clean lines of the dashboard give the interior a classy look. With the adjustable steering and 190mm front leg-room, one will find the perfect driving position for a pleasurable journey – and the dual-tone colours with soft-touch materials that enhance the trendy interior design create surprise.

The Starlet has the answer for all occasions when one needs to carry bulky items. Its rear row of seats fold down in seconds with no effort, leaving plenty of room for a large load. It also offers a large and comfortable space for passengers with back leg-room of 200mm. ‘Adapt the Starlet to your needs and enjoy its functionality with ease.’


The 1.4L petrol engine (K14B) delivers both power and fuel-efficiency. The intake VVT, cylinder head and piston crowns are designed to boost thermal efficiency and fuel economy. Let yourself be seduced by its smooth and powerful torque. ‘The Starlet is Efficient’

Connectivity – The Starlet is Smart

Enjoy the full Toyota experience with all the latest technology at hand. For more modernity, the dashboard integrates a touchscreen that brings together the whole driver assistance system. Use your phone’s capabilities while concentrating on the road and stay safe with voice commands. Easily connect to and command your smartphone using infotainment controls. Indeed, the new Toyota Starlet will take care of your ‘smart’ needs.

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