Sweet Hub Confectionary is the Best Confectionary Company of the Year


Sweet Hub Confectionary, the manufacturer of Cocobytes Chocolates, has won the Best Confectionary Company of the Year award at the 2020 National Customers’ Choice Awards Ghana.

The ceremony, organised by Mellinium Communications, which came off at the Movenpick Hotel, Accra saw big brands rewarded for their customer service when it comes to brand reputation, customer satisfaction, business excellence, professionalism and integrity.

CEO of Sweet Hub Confectionary, Shirley Temeng-Asomaning, thanked the organisers for the awards and extended gratitude to the customers who made the award and honour possible.

“This goes without saying that this award is dedicated to our customers, without whom this is not possible. I cannot thank them enough. Due to their patronage and feedback, we have grown from strength to strength. We believe these are still baby steps and the future looks great,” Mrs. Temeng-Asomaning said.

More about Sweet Hub Confectionary

According to Mrs. Temeng, the reason for setting up a confectionary business is to create happiness and love. “We seek to bring families together through sweets. If Ghana is one of the biggest producers of cocoa but we do not have major local confectionary businesses that bring happiness and love, I believe there is more to be done,” she said.

Beginning the business in May, 2018, Sweet Hub has also introduced some of the most uniquely flavoured chocolates and produced more than 100,000 bars of chocolate. Flavours such as ginger caramel, coffee, peanut brittle, dark and milk chocolate have seen clients place in more orders after their first taste.

“Our flavours and recipes are two of the major standout options for us. We do not limit ourselves to regular milk and dark-flavoured chocolates. We try to add a little bit of something to it. We do candies and we try to mix the candy flavours with our chocolate. For example, you can have a ginger candy in your chocolate or coffee candy-flavour in your chocolate,” she added.

The fantastic service

Another factor that makes Sweet Hub stand out is its acclaimed service. While some businesses will tell the client when they can deliver, Sweet Hub tends to work with the client’s time and demands. “Others will say we can only deliver this request in a week or two or three days but we do our best to turn around within 24 hours and I tell you, this 24-hour turnaround time has saved a lot of clients from embarrassment,” she added.

“We also try to work one-on-one with you. From conceptualisation of message, design process, through production to delivery, we work with the client. Whereas some competitors would say these are the colours or flavours available, we ask what you want, help chose with you and then proceed to design and produce,” she added.

More awards and nominations

Sweet Hub Confectionary has also picked up four nominations at the upcoming Ghana Cocoa Awards. The categories include Brand of the Year, Chocolate of the Year, Artisanal Value Addition Company of the Year, and Consumption Promotion Ambassador of the Year for Kweku Temeng, who serves as Sweet Hub’s brand ambassador.

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