Ghana Nigeria Business Council gets ready to embark on membership drive


The Ghana Nigeria Business Council is getting ready to embark on a membership drive.

The council is a not-for-profit organisation which has been in existence since 2015, and have been supporting and providing consulting services for Nigerian businesses in Ghana.

The Nigeria Ghana Business Council is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

“It has been a bumpy year for both Ghana and Nigeria, however at the GNBC we are determined to ensure we are able to provide the adequate support services for the growing number of Nigerian businesses in Ghana. Equally, we strongly want to encourage more Ghanaian businesses to come together and start serving the Nigerian market which has a strong economy and thriving business environment.” states Mr Reginald Laryea, Chairman of the GNBC.

The event which is due to take place on Thursday 5th November 2020 at Sai Wine Café in Osu shall be focusing on driving membership registration and providing information on the services available from the Ghana Nigeria Business Council.

The event is an invite-only event, CEO of GIPC Mr Yofi Grant and other government officials are set to be in attendance and further emphasize Ghana’s commitment in encouraging and supporting Nigerians to do business in Ghana.

For more information about the GNBC please visit, membership is available now and enquiries can also be made.

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