Georgina Asare Fiagbenu to launch book on shaping society on Nov 5


All is set for the official launch of ‘The Wish List: Thoughts that can shape society’, a book by award-winning PR practitioner, blogger and columnist Georgina Asare Fiagbenu on Thursday, November 5, 2020, at the Accra City Hotel.

The seasoned communications expert, who was adjudged Public Relations (PR) Discovery by Ghana’s PR professional association in 2016, revealed that the book is based on an assemblage of articles she had written, primarily in newspapers, under the slogan ‘If it were’.

Describing The Wish List as a collection of thoughts about people, places, personalities, society, practices and behaviours, she stated that it is aimed at shaping society by instituting a mental reset of prevailing adverse attitudes.

She expressed firm belief that deliberate and consistent efforts at unlearning ways of thinking that have proved futile at best, or detrimental at worst, while simultaneously learning and relearning valid and applicable thought processes is crucial for the survival and blossoming of any society, and ours is no exception. She is expectant that the book will bring this notion to bear.

Offering the rationale for her decision to write, Ms. Fiagbenu said: “I was challenged by the myriad of social issues confronting us, and the opportunities that I thought we all had to make a change. Writing became my outlet for expressing how I felt about some of these issues.

“Alongside that, I also started doing reviews of events and profiling personalities who I believed were influencing people positively. This was supposed to provide some benchmark or standard for other people to emulate.”

While everyone can glean valuable insights from the book, she added that it is particularly targetted at the policymakers, corporate and community leaders, the media and anyone who is in the business of driving change – adding that, “It is a call for anyone in a leadership position to begin looking at things differently”.

Georgina Fiagbenu currently serves as Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for MTN Ghana. As head of Corporate Communications, she is responsible for Internal and External Communications, Media Relations, Community Relations, Stakeholder Management and Leadership Communications.

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