Rev. Father Campbell spreads hope on Y Leaderboard Series


Irish/Ghanaian Catholic Missionary and Founder of Lepers Aid Committee, Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell was present on the most authoritative leadership show, Y107.9’s Y Leaderboard Series with his key message of hope to the youth.

It was a golden moment as Father Campbell shared with Akosua Hanson and YFM listeners his childhood days, the things he is passionate about and all about priesthood. The Parish Priest of Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra sharing some of his hard times in life revealed that he came from a not so well to do home and had to work hard to get himself into the seminary.

“After my basic education, my family could not afford to fund me to further my schooling so I started working as a delivery boy.” He noted that by dint of hard work, he was soon promoted and served as a shop attendant. And all this happened in his teens. Building on his experience, he encouraged the youth to persevere in any work they may find themselves in especially if it requires hard work.

In his submission, he revealed that apart from his love for God’s work, he is very passionate about football. He shares that right from childhood, he has loved to play and follow football.

The Priest was happy to announce that he has always loved the Manchester United Football Club.  He said, “And then, of course, I grew up loving Manchester United. One of the nicest things was that when I was leaving for the seminary, I met all the Manchester United players. It was wonderful. I still have those photographs of them.”

Commenting on the priesthood, Father Campbell stated that he feels very much privileged to be a Catholic Priest as this work has allowed him to become a source of hope to people from different backgrounds.

“I am a priest and I love being a priest. It is a vocation that God has given to me. He gave it to me and my work is to continue the work that Christ started. His work was a work of healing and of bringing hope and love to people. Whatever I did is just continuing the work of Christ.”

He furthered that even though priesthood does not attract any form of wage or acquisition of material possession, he is very happy to be involved in this work because of the impact his work has on others.

Programmes Manager of YFM Accra, Eddy Blay, speaking on the interview with Father Campbell stated: “Hope is so important because it can help make a tough situation more bearable and eventually improve lives because envisioning a better future motivates you to take the steps to make it happen. That is why Rev Father Andrew Campbell’s interview on Y Leaderboard series on YFM was a timely conversation, in a world battling a pandemic.”

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