Poetry Corner: Where love is 

Poetry Corner


The womb that berthed me upon the earth

Neglected me

The breasts that dripped my first taste of milk

Rejected me

The arms that caressed my tender flesh

Abandoned me

The fingers that fed the first morsel through my parted lips

Left me



The chest that offered a hairy hug to my innocent embrace

Chased me away

The shoulder that lowered to carry my crying head

Shouldered me off

The arms strong enough to lift me from approaching danger

Dropped me

The nimble feet that hurried to foot the bills of my ills

Dumped me



My sister from my mother and my father

Ostracized me forever

My brother born with the blood of intimate bond

Bundled me out

My niece who nestled in my nest

Rested no more near my nest

My nephew found a beautiful way out

He bowed out

My cousin accused me of all sins

Just to slip from my side

My uncle and my aunt said I was the real reason

For all they couldn’t reach



Friends turned foes

And blamed me for their multiple woes

Even a hurt toe

Even I

…allowed myself to be floored

Even I

…owned up to a blame

Even I

…followed up to feel a shame



They all recalled how I was born on a black Tuesday

How I was doomed to rake in doomsday

How mother’s womb strictly resisted my coming existence

How mother nearly exited this life that day

…but for the restraining hand of the Omnipotent

How everything blackened that day

How none has ever recovered since that day



That day passed

All those passed



He passed my way

And he was different

…so different

He looked into my eyes

And it was different

…so different

He took a second look

And said I was different

…so different

He took my hand

And it felt different

…so different

He took to my side

And never left my side

He brought love to my side

…love I never knew of

Love that was love enough



Here is where love is

Where love is

Everything is

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