Bawumia launches ‘adopt a polling station’ campaign

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Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has out doored its ‘adopt a polling station-style’ campaign to ensure polling stations and party agents are given the maximum support to do their work in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking at the launch of the ‘IAM4NANA’ fundraising campaign to support Nana Akufo-Addo prior to December elections, running mate of the party and Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia noted the NPP wants to adopt polling stations by contributing in cash and resources.

“Ensuring that a polling station is well catered for will motivate our party agents to ensure that ballots are protected and the ‘2012 pink sheet duplications’ are not repeated. So, we will adopt a polling station campaign-style to ensure that our party members are on the ground to protect our votes,” Dr. Bawumia explained.

The Vice President launched a short code, *386# to enable supporters who would like to contribute to the campaign by following the command prompt to donate.

“Let us support the NPP fundraising initiatives, adopt a polling station and help our agents do diligent work on election day. Let us make calls, talk to our family and friends, tell them what Nana Addo has accomplished; let us intensify our door to door campaign and remind our supporters and Ghanaians of the initiatives the NPP administration has done to transform the lives of Ghanaians”.

The Vice President, Dr.  Bawumia, also explained that the number one position of NPP on the ballot paper signifies one step forward in Ghana’s development while the number two position signifies two steps backwards in Ghana’s development.

“We don’t want to repeat that dance; one step forward two steps backwards. Interestingly and by the grace of God, when the balloting numbers came, NPP is number one and NDC number two. If you choose NPP you are going to take a step forward. If you choose NDC you are going to taking two steps backwards and that is what it is—one step forward, two steps backwards.

Ghanaians will on December 7, 2020 go to the polls to elect a President as part of a four-year constitutional mandate in a general election.

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