Poetry Corner: The primary cause 

poetry corner

They enrolled him in his years young

Hurled him unto their bus

…even when he wanted to sleep on

“Just get him on the bus

…for an early morning class

Late when we close

…we shall bring him straight home

Classmates will be young guides

…if no one at home we find


Just feed him a fast breakfast

…and pack him a loose lunch

Just pay a feeding fee

…we shall feed him some lunch

We shall feed him what we feel

…at the feeding cost


Do you want him to complete the syllabus?

Saturday morning offers an extra class

He can do his house chores

…later at home

Do you want him to have an easy pass?

No need to relax after class

No need to hurry home

Just come with extra cash

If he comes home tired and late

Don’t play the blame game

He learns as he plays a game


The list must be tall

…a list of must – brings

He must bring a broom

…short or tall

He must bring a cutlass

…to cut school grass

He must bring a cutlery set

…to set his young teeth on edge

He must bring a brush

…for ceiling and scrubbing

He must bring a sweet – scented soap

…we don’t touch Apino

Add some detergents

We shall not reject Rose toiletries

He must pay school fees

…no pleas


Must join the Parents Tithing Association

…or be dissociated

Once he joins the school roll

You also join the P. T. A. row


Pay P. T. A. dues

…or be sued

Whether you like it or not”


Clothed in a voluntary stance

But covered under a compulsory garb

  1. T. A.  will do it all

Build the classroom block

…yeah yeah

Build the dormitory block

…clap clap

Build the library complex

… Oh yes

Build school for the community

…sure our duty

Build school for proprietor to own a property till eternity


They trumpet it all

Bring them all

…to school

…to stand tall

…among their peers

They rule all

…us all

From school

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