Union of Industry Commerce and Finance Workers makes strides

Union of Industry Commerce and Finance Workers makes strides

The Union of Industry Commerce and Finance Workers (UNICOF), one of the youngest and well managed labour unions, is making great impact in the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

An offshoot of Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU), UNICOF has well strategized mission and vision which have made significant stride within short period of its existence with large membership.

Led by labour strategist, John Senanu Amegashie as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the union’s mission includes educating and developing the capabilities of workers in industry, commerce and finance sectors of the economy in order to enhance productivity, job security and better service condition for its members.

All these are envisaged to achieve sustained growth of businesses in the country. The vision of UNICOF which has started to bear fruit is to emerge as Africa’s most well managed labour union capable of meeting the needs and aspirations of members.

Indeed, UNICOF is highly recognized in the job market because of its prudent management practices coupled with democratic principles and accountability. The highly motivated staff of the union have vowed to raise the image of the union aloft to be emulated by others.

UNICOF under John Amegashie is well positioned with professionals in industrial relations and labour laws which makes members safe in their jobs. The UNICOF team also has competent industrial relation professionals who engages employers to secure enhanced Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for their members.

An affiliate of Trade Union Congress (Ghana), UNICOF is persistently penetrating into the informal sector of the economy in order to raise large workers living standard. It is the view of UNICOF that the destiny of every worker both in the formal and informal sector of the economy must be determined by sincere application of the principles and tenets of the Labour Act 651 (2003) by institutional heads working in harmony with union leaders for legal and social protection for workers to raise their livelihoods.

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