KEK Life Planners breaks record with top three awards


KEK Insurance Brokers Group made history again a fortnight ago when the company topped at the Enterprise Life Planners, Conference and Awards ceremony held in Accra.

It is an annual performance awards to recognize hardworking life planners in the broker channel of selling life products for Enterprise Life Insurance. KEK’s Life Planners have outperformed other life planners engaged by life underwriter in selling their products over the years.

About 20 insurance brokers with over 700 life planners sell for Enterprise Life Company. Recently, the underwriter recognized and awarded the top 50 outstanding performer for the 2019 financial year.

17 of KEK’s Life Planners were part of the top 50 with six in the top 10. More importantly too, the first four positions were held by KEK Life Planners which has been the trend for the past 12 years.

B&FT well-read that the combined league table consisted of about 2000 Enterprise Life Agency Life Planners. KEK dominated to top 10 both in 2018 and 2019 and the overall best life planner also came from KEK.

The 2019 top four positions out of the 10 had KEK Life Planners shining out in the top three spot out of the 10. In 2019 Stephen Amemakakpor, came out first, second was Isaac Danso Kumi, third was Thomas Adanse and Thomas Nseakyure was sixth.

The 2019 grand prize of a vehicle was won by KEK’s – Stephen Amemakakpor, in view of that KEK Group organised a congratulatory cocktail party for the top 17 performing life planners last week at its Corporate Head Office.

It will be recalled that KEK Insurance Brokers in the past decade have led the Ghana Insurance Broking market. In 2019, KEK Insurance Brokers topped the brokers league table by earning a brokerage income of over GH¢25million.

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