Poetry Corner: The theory behind 

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Not many years ago in this motherland

An issue with machines arose

For which trained hands and minds were sought

…for a practical solution

…for an engineering function

No more, no less


Uncovered was a collection of industrial machines

Abandoned in a prospective machine shop

Located in the metropolis of Tema

Built on a pitch on a school compound

Machines installed to spark an industrial course

To build a premier foundry

To power an emerging country

Abandoned because power changed hands


In the transition to another administration

There was a planned  resuscitation


…an SOS was extended to the premier University of Engineering in Oseikrom

Thirty or so engineering students were called

Thirty or so engineering students responded

…albeit not so confidently

Thirty or so students gathered notes and sketches

Ready to pore over theoretical skirmishes

Armed with drawings and blueprints and written notes

Clothed in spectacles and wrapped in designed gloves

Thirty or so students spent three or so months

…just to diagnose


Three or so months passed

But thirty or so engineering students failed to pass

An engineering test for a tertiary solution

The powers in power then instructed their removal from site

Out of sight but heads bowed in shame


A different kind of engineering students were asked to gather

Thirty in number

They responded in optimism

But were received with skepticism

Because they oozed out of an engineering tertiary

…termed Polytechnic

They gathered together with no lesson notes

Only trained minds and fingers

…were their practical notes

Accompanied by screwdrivers and spanners

Winding wires and power cables

Attired in overalls and equipped with technical knowhow

They set out to enable


In a month or so

Nearly half of the mounted machines were made to power

When news reached the man in power

That those powerless machines were now oozing out power

He sent a delegation carrying a letter of commendation

And instructed the powers in the school to shower appreciation

Whiles the man in power was full of praise for their engineering feat

The powers in the school handed out a disheartening treat

By confiscating all provisions donated for their upkeep


When audited

…the budget for Varsity engineering was whopping

Even after a disappointing engineering

The budget for Poly engineering was close to nothing

Because the boys from Poly were treated as nothing


When practical engineering students went back to kith and kin

They dissuaded siblings and offspring

From branching any engineering course

…not for anything

When mates and friends heard this painful thing

They shouted we told you so


We told you

Technical was meant for those who drop out

Secondary was for those who chew and pour out

For those who read science and math

For those who win a science and math quiz

But not available for tomorrow’s engineering fix

Poly was meant for those not so bright

Varsity was for those sharp and bright

This is not one of those jokes we poke for claps

This is the theory behind the engineering handicap

…of this Motherland


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