ARAP donates audio-visual van to NCCE


The European Union under the Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Programme (ARAP) has donated a mobile cinema van to the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to support its work of educating the public audio-visuals.

Implemented by the Spanish public foundation FIIAPP, the audio-visual Cinema Van is specially designed to withstand all roads in Ghana and is fully stocked with the needed equipment that will make usage possible in all of NCCE’s operations.

The Van also supports the usage of documentaries, films, and audio-recordings such as jingles, pre-recorded voice messages and live street or community announcements that aids the NCCE better execute its orimary mandate of educating the public.

Present at the short ceremony was Ambassador Acconcia. In her speech, she commended the NCCE  for the key role they play in educating the society on real issues such as awareness creation for political participation as well as serving as the voice to voiceless.

She expressed the EU’s pride in the partnership to support the NCCE saying “We hope that this vehicle will meet the educational needs of population usually left out, particularly in the urban, peri-urban as well as urban dwellers.”

Receiving the van, Chairperson for the NCCE, Madam Josephine Nkrumah expressed appreciation to ARAP and FIIAPP for their support to the NCCE. She assured that the NCCE will use the van for its right purpose.

“The Commission will use the Cinema Van to extend its educational campaign, especially on environmental governance issues such as illegal small-scale mining, illegal logging and poor waste disposal in affected communities across the country. Beyond ARAP, the Van will also deepen the operational capacity of the Commission to reach out to the citizenry, especially, before, during and after the upcoming General Elections with the message of peace and political tolerance”, she said.

About The ARAP Programme

The Accountability, Rule of law and Anti-corruption Programme (ARAP) is an EU funded programme, implemented by the Spanish public foundation FIIAPP that joins and supports the efforts of the Government of Ghana in its fight against corruption.

The objective of the programme is to contribute to current reform processes to reduce corruption and improve accountability, and compliance with the rule of law, particularly when it comes to accountability, anti-corruption and environmental governance. It does so through support key institutions, while at the same time increasing the ability of the public, civil society organisations and the media to hold the government to account.

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