Season 9 of MTN Hitmaker kicks off


The long-awaited season nine of the music reality show, MTN Hitmaker has kicked off with a one-on-one session between the 12 contestants and TV personality and show host, Sika Osei.

One by one, the contestants took their turn to answer snappy questions about themselves to build a better rapport between them and their fans.

The questions and answers segment also created an opportunity for their fans to connect with them better, appreciated their craft as well as their journey to the MTN Hitmaker finalists.

The aim of the music reality show is to give opportunities to talents who have the flair, confidence, style and attitude for stardom.

The 12 finalists who made it into the competition are Koby Tuesday, Othniel, Nessa, Mimi, GabiNova, Pashyn, Achiaa, Jimi, Josh Blakk, Adepa, RBJ and Kwacyboat

Below are responses to the snappy question and answer segment of six of these contestants

Gabi Nova
Inspired by Feli Kuti and Michael Jackson, Gabi Nova, a second timer of Hitmaker strongly believes that season 9 will present him with the best of luck to sail through to the top.
Gabi strongly believes in his ability to hit the grande finale with hsi dance moves coupled with his great vocals and stagecraft.

Josh Blakk

Noted for his headwrap style, Josh appeared on set without his signature mark. When questioned by Sika, he noted that the scarf is a symbol of his presence on the battle field. “I put on my scarf when I’m ready to fight, as in, ready to war my way up the competition ladder. So since this is just a Q and A, on a lighter note, I decided to come without it”, he explained.

He says the scoustic guitar is his favourite musical instrument even though he enjoys the tunes of the saxophone and organ as well.

Representing the Spintex Community, Josh says his style of music is unique because he does a combination of Hi-Life and Soul music which he terms as Hi-Soul. He is hopeful that Ghanaians will embrace his style of music someday.

Josh Black also acknowledged that the Ghanaian music industry has contributed immensely to his music career in terms of production and content.


On her part, Mimi Gold chose money over love when asked to choose between the two; an answer that got Sika and many viewers laughing. She said she believes that once she gets money, the love will follow.

Mimi is passionate about learning how to play the organ alongside her singing and loves all genre of music especially RnB, Afrobeat and Hi-life.


Nessa revealed that she used to be a dancer however at age 12, her then Pastor encouraged her to sing in church one Sunday. She recounts how the congregation were dissatisfied with her song because she sang out of key with a lot of distortions. However she did not relent. She says she strived to be better each day till she could finally find her range, pitch and the right attitude for singing.

Nessa is a songwriter, plays the keyboard and loves to act as well. She believes strongly to emerge winner for Hitmaker Season 9.

Koby Tuesday

Koby explained that he decided to audition for this year’s Mtn hitmaker because he fell out of a music group and went solo after things went south. He noted that being a part of this year’s edition has changed his life.

He recounted his disappointment when two of the judges were not in favour of his selection explaining that he was suffering from cold and sounded on the audition day.

The ‘Kumerican’ singer revealed that he’s single and fully concentrating on his music. When asked what he’d be using his cash prize for, in case he wins, Koby said he intends to buy his mum a car adding, amidst laughter “and get a girlfriend to spend on her”.

RBJ also known as Ronnie Bryan Johnson goes with the Afro-pop, RnB grove. He said he looks forward to bringing something different to the table. according to him, he intends to infuse more creativity and explore his vocals to the best of his abilities. 

He considers himself as the New Revolution of Afro-pop and believes that hitmaker platform would help improve his craft.
Bryan, just like all the other contestants, believes he will sail through to the finals for the grand finale.
With a strong vocal prowess, he looks forward to bringing a versatile blend into the Ghanaian music industry. As a Bruno Mars and Sarkodie fan, Bryan looks forward to emulating these two brands.

Kwacy Boat
Kwacy Boat stands as the only rapper in this year’s edition. He said his music journey started in Accra Academy Senior High School. According to him, he was pushed to stage by his friends to sing and “since then I’ve been trying to move from one stage to the other.”

The witty rapper who engages his fans through his light-note music made up of possible everyday life hustles said he gets his inspiration from Wanlov Kubolor and Strong Man.

Kwacy is into pencil portraits revealing how else he makes money aside music. He strongly believes in his arts emphasizing that “I won’t leave arts no matter how far music takes me”.

Answering questions on his purpose for Hitmaker, he said: “I’m just here to do my thing and it’s to my advantage that I’m a rapper against all the singers. I don’t see this as a huge competition because I’m just here to have fun, be the best and do what I do best.”


As a die-hard fun of KiDi, Jimi looks forward to featuring the ‘Enjoyment’ hitmaker in his music. Starting his music career at a very tender age, Jimi stringly believes that the Hitmaker platform big platform that will help thrive his music locally and internationally and has set sights on winning the Grammys someday.

Anonymous Adepa has stayed true to her brand by remaining conspicuous in the race. She intends to stay hidden until, maybe, the final day.

She believes that every good thing has to be obscured first and then unveiled “so it’s a process”. According to her, her dad has always been a “showman” attributing her stagecraft to him.

Adepa said she is a stage actress and has been featured in some top-notch plays in theatre. This might probably add up to the legion of clues that may pop-up to give her fans a vivid picture of the face behind the mask.

“The most exciting part of being a contestant on hitmaker is meeting impeccable contestants have made me work my craft and step up my challenge. My family don’t know that I am here. I expect to entertain my fans in a gospel way to let people embrace gospel and come to the God side of life”, she said.

At the digital launch of Hitmaker Season 9 on Friday, August 14 on its social media handles, the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Mr Noel Ganson said, “MTN is an enabler that creates the platform to pave way for underground artistes to show the world who they are and what they have.”

According to Mr Ganson, the process for this year’s edition consisted of a rigorous selection process which included auditioning and a social media contest. After which selected finalists will be kept in a camp where they will be groomed by a technical team made up of voice coaches, choreographers, a music director and an image stylist.

He said the contestants will also receive training in the techniques required to prepare them for the entertainment industry.

The ultimate winner of MTN Hitmaker 9 will take home GH¢120,000 recording deal.

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