Joel Nettey is new IAA President and Chairman

Joel Nettey is new IAA President and Chairman

Joel Edmund Nettey, founder and Chief Executive of the Ninani Group – a group of marketing communications specialist companies which include Innova DDB Ghana, ReZultz Advertising, Touchpoint Magna Carta, Interactive Digital, Brand Alert in Ghana as well as Innova Liberia – has been sworn-in as the new President and Chairman of the International Advertising Association (IAA).

Mr. Nettey boasts several years of experience in marketing and advertising, and was sworn- to become the first African to occupy the position, where he is expected to lead development of the global industry from 2020 to 2022 from Accra.

“Today, at the start of this journey, we are on the cusp of making history as we begin a new tenure within the IAA. A journey that requires each one of us to bring our ‘A-game’ to the party as a critical prerequisite, because the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us – from new virtual engagements to the roles brands and brand stewards like us can, and need to, play in reigniting economies after recessions like that which the world now faces thanks to COVID-19 – require no less, for success,” he said after his investiture.

He takes over from Srinivasan Swamy, under whom he worked as Senior Vice President of the Association. Mr. Nettey will be supported by Sasan Saeidi as Senior Vice President.

“There are 3 key things that I propose should guide everything we do in the medium- to long-term, and definitely over the next 2 years.

“These will be the parameters by which we will gauge our activities during this tenure. It is what I have termed our ‘RRI Approach’ – making the IAA more Recognisable, more Relevant and more Impactful,” he added.

He pledged to promote diversity and inclusion as core values of the new IAA, as well as to increase global visibility for the world body.

He also wants to spearhead efforts to set aside a Day dedicated to recognising the advertising profession’s importance, whereby the world of marketing, advertising and all forms of communication can “let our powers combine” toward promoting/creating awareness about or helping to resolve any of the myriad problems faced around the world.

Mr. Nettey is immediate past-President of the Advertising Association of Ghana.

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