Complete Farmer launches lucrative ginger farm

Desmond Koney, CEO of Complete Farmer

Complete Farmer, the unrivalled trendsetter in digital farming, has launched its new ginger farming project under the campaign theme ‘Become a Digital Farmer Today’. This initiative is part of efforts to make farming feasible and accessible to all.

Complete Farmer believes that any interested party can own a farm and aid in the feeding of the nation, whilst never getting their hands dirty or ever planting a seed themselves. This is one of the values that drives the CEO Desmond Koney, who believes in redefining who a farmer can be by redefining who a farmer is.

Lordina Osei, the Marketing Manager for Complete Farmer expressed the rationale behind the campaign. “The introduction of this digital farming platform will enable users all around the world to farm 3000+ acres of a wide variety of crops including chili pepper, sweet potatoes and soybeans to name a few. We are also on a mission to ensure food security in Ghana through a system of shared responsibility,” she stated.

“From now till November 15, 2020, we are inviting everyone from Ghana and across the world to become a digital farmer by owning a part of our 1200-acre ginger plantation starting from US$750 per acre. Each digital farmer will potentially gain up to 20% returns on their farm at the end of the 10-month ginger farming cycle,” she shared.

Over the past three years, Complete Farmer has built a track record of delivering to digital farmers worldwide in terms of running farms and earning profits on their behalf. With a vision of becoming a global pioneer in crop production, Complete Farmer employs technology based farming techniques and agricultural know- how to run farms for stakeholders.

Currently, clients can take up their share of the 1200 acre insured ginger farm being offered and monitor intermittently various stages of the cultivation process, through media designed to suit their needs. The dream is for everyone to become a farmer in the next 20-50 years.

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