NIC trains additional youth on insurance in Western Region


Sixty youth have been trained as insurance sales agents by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) in Takoradi.

The training is to enable them have in depth knowledge about what insurance is, understand it well so they will be able to explain policies that are available to companies and individuals who wants to sign in to any insurance policy.

The NIC began training for the first batch of 10,000 Ghanaians as insurance sales agent in 2019. The training, being provided by the Ghana Insurance College (GIC) is fully sponsored by the NIC.

“The training of 10,000 youth as insurance sales agents is not only an agendum for job creation which will ultimately lead to an increase in the insurance penetration rate which is currently under 2% but also to bring insurance to the doorsteps of people in a more professional manner,” Mr. Justice Ofori, the Commissioner of Insurance said.

He said it is worthy to note that the insurance industry presents the youth with enormous employment opportunities, however, he noted that lack of requisite technical and professional knowledge is often a hindrance to the youth accessing these opportunities.

“This has, therefore, informed the decision by the NIC to open its doors to the youth by first providing them with the requisite professional skills to serve as ambassadors of insurance companies from which they can make a decent living for themselves,” he added.

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