Rejoinder: Panbrose Salt Factory troubled over construction of cement factory near its concession

3D Rendition of the Empire Cement Ltd

I write this rejoinder in response to a story by Panbrose Salt Company Ltd dated 15th September, 2020 on the above – mentioned subject.

Lease of land

It is recalled that the James Town Stool leased a 5-acre land to me on 1st March, 2014 for Industrial Purpose. The land was specifically leased by the late Nii Kojo Ababio V, James Town Mantse and Paramount Chief of Ngleshie Alata Traditional Area James Town, Accra with the concurrence of his elders, I also performed the necessary rites and made consideration in this regard.

Subsequently, I made a request for extra allocation of land for which the Stool obliged. Consequently, the Stool released an additional 13.74 acres of land to me for industrial purpose, specifically to expand the One District One Factory project.

Hence, it is a misrepresentation that I have forcibly annexed 17 acres of land. I cannot annex a land unless it is legally allocated by the rightful owners, in this case the James Town Stool. It is inaccurate that the additional 13.74 acres leased by the Stool to me would in any way affect the operations and future plans of Panbros Company.  Panbrose currently has over 498 acres of land for their operation without any interference for which they are currently using less than 20 acres.

Location of factory 

With regards the location of the cement factory, it is not true that a company cannot be sited near a salt mining company.  Thanks to technology, the Empire Cement Ltd would operate with state of the art machinery, which are environmentally friendly.

Permit me to cite examples such as the location of GHACEM Cement in Takoradi and Takoradi Flour Mills, also GHACEM Cement in Tema office and Ghana Agro Food Company Ltd (GAFCO), SOL Cement Ghana Ltd which is sited behind Tema New Town is closer to Tema Lube Oil, to mention a few.  These companies have co-existed without any interference. I therefore wish to assure the authorities of Panbros Company and its environs that we would adopt and engage in first class operational systems that are conducive to the environment and adaptive to human settlement.

Engagement with MDAs.

The company alleges that we have not engaged the relevant authorities. We wish to state that our company is law abiding and has duly engaged all relevant MDAs such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ministry of Trade and Industry, One District One Factory Secretariat, Ghana Investment Protection Centre, Weija Gbawe Municipal Assembly etc.

It is therefore a misrepresentation that we have not engaged the relevant authorities or stakeholders pertaining to the establishment of a cement packaging factory to the extent that these authorities have the power to sanction unlawful and recalcitrant companies. We are mindful of this and following the required process.

Empire Cement Packaging Company Ltd under One District One Factory 

It is recalled that on 11th June, 2020 The Hon. Ishmael Ashitey, Greater Accra Regional Minister; Hon. Tina Gifty Naa Ayeley Mensah, Member of Parliament for Weija; Hon. Patrick Kumor, MCE for Weija Gbawe Municipal Assembly; and other dignitaries cut the sod for the construction of Empire Cement Ltd under the One District One Factory facility. The company would employ a total of 13,000 direct workers and over 2,000 indirect workers in the Dansoman- Weija- Kasoa- Gomoa- Effutu indegines. We are poised to delivering quality and affordable cement for the ordinary Ghanaian.

Comments by Dr. George Dawson Ahmoah

It is regrettable, comments made by Rev Dr. George Dawson Ahmoah, Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Cement Manufacturers denying knowledge of the establishment of Empire Cement Packaging Company Ltd.

In his capacity as Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at GHACEM Ltd, he encouraged the monopoly enjoyed by GHACEM Ltd and fought the establishment of cement companies including Diamond Cement at Aflao.

Again, he fought the establishment of SOL Cement a company I serve as Director and shareholder. Hither to, SOL Cement was the largest importer of cement to Ghana, affording competitive pricing for consumers with the strategy of introducing its products on the Ghanaian market in preparation for the establishment of the factory.

Dr. Dawson Ahmoah fought both importers and intended establishment of cement companies for which his posture does not come as a surprise. Upon his retirement at GHACEM, he surreptitiously set up the Cement Manufacturers Association of Ghana and serves as the Executive Secretary to enable him continue his machinations. Ghanaians should welcome more cement factories to boost competition to serve the ultimate benefit of consumers.

But for the establishment of more cement factories, the monopolist would be selling cement at GH¢100 per bag, with its attendant excuse of shutting down for maintenance just to hike prices of cement.

I would support the establishment of more factories by all governments and well-meaning Ghanaians to boost competition in the market.  Should there be more supply than demand we are surrounded by other countries such as Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone etc. This would afford us the opportunity to export to improve our exchange rate and GDP.

There should not be any TRADE WAR what so ever, should the factory commissioned by the Vice President.  H. E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia at DAWA come to fruition, prices of cement would scale down to about 30%, which would grow the Ghanaian economy by 10%. Dr. Dawson Ahmoah keeps fighting this yet to be established factory at DAWA till date.

Current situation 

It is trite that the allodia owners of the land are James Town Ngleshie Alata Stool. The stool has officially written to Panbros Company for the release of the land and a reminder sent on 14/09/2020, in effect all proper procedures, per my own interactions and communications with Mr. Odartey Wellington, the Managing Director of Panbros Ltd, keeps pressing for the factory to work on the five acres as he waits for the official letter from the stool which has been sent to him.

In short he knew very well that the siting of the factory is not injurious to his company  factory so we entreat him to have a positive mind for us all to support H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s  struggle to make able bodied youth are employed but not to sabotage H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo ideas and goals for the land in question was lying idle for close to 20 years so in effect that gave the original owners access to lease to me the  same way a  total of 498 acres were leased to Pambros for which only 20 acres is currently used for salt production.

I have been dealing with the right owners of the land and have no business subjecting to the whims and caprices of Panbros Company Ltd. His publication is accentuated with malice and must be disregarded. It is refreshing to add, that in a letter dated 31 August 2020 James Town stool Ngleshie Alata stool introduced and confirms the lease granted me for the establishment for the 1D1F Empire Cement Company for the Good people of Ghana


In conclusion, it is a misrepresentation that I have forcibly annexed land belonging to Panbros Company Ltd and that Empire Cement Ltd is engaged in an illegality.  We are a law abiding company and would adopt the required manufacturing system to deliver quality and affordable products to the Ghanaian people.

Kindly find attached confirmation from the stool for the release of a total of 18.74 acres to me for the establishment of Empire Cement Packaging Ltd under the One District One Factory Project.

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