Feature: Who’s in your Circle?


If you’re like me, am sure there have been times in your life where you wished you could live life without people. I used to beat myself up every time I found myself feeling that way. Over time I have stopped beating myself up and rather allow myself to feel that way without any guilt.

Our lives are made up of people, each one of us have a variety of relationships with people at different levels. You may not have control over some of these people in your life, such as our parents, siblings, family etc. On the other hand, there’re other people that we ourselves bring into our lives per the relationships we initiate with them.

Notwithstanding I must acknowledge that life can indeed be beautiful when you have the right people in your life aka your circle. Right people one might say is relative, in the sense that what is right for me might not necessarily be right for you. Regardless there are five types of people everyone needs in their life.

The Inspired

Everybody needs that one person that inspires you, the need for inspiration arises at different times of our lives. Life can be tough and rough so much so that though you ventured into something, continuing it becomes a struggle.

At this point you need (the inspired), that person who can stir up that feeling of enthusiasm which will get your creative juices flowing again. This person is someone that after interacting with, will leave you with a hunger and yearning to achieve something. Why everyone needs the inspired person in their life is because they have the ability to ignite a sudden brilliant or timely idea.

The Motivated

People can be motivated by many things, this can be both internal and external. Though this might sound simple and easy to do, it certainly isn’t a walk in a park. Sometimes no matter how strong, determined or positive a person might be, there comes a time when you lack motivation. And that’s why you need to have (the motivated), that one person who can stir up that impulse which would cause you to move. Not only move, but to move towards attaining your dreams.

The Open-minded

We find ourselves in a society where stereotyping is the order of the day. You are brought up to accept things without questioning or making changes. You end up living your entire life in a box, and this is why you need the open minded. That person who won’t judge, condemn or talk down on you just because you don’t stick to the norm. That person is willing to listen to you and consider the ideas you have and your position or stance on issues. This person helps you learn and seeks your growth at the same time strengthening your-self belief.

The Passionate

We all have a natural tendency to be appreciably passionate, but there are other people who are an embodiment of the word passionate. This person is able to get others around you to believe in whatever it is that they’re working towards. Though it is your dream or plan their role is just to get you and whoever is needed on board. And they usually do this by unearthing intense feelings and emotions regarding what you are passionate about. Trust me, you need people like that, no matter what the hurdles may be the passionate would propel you to conquer it.

The Grateful

Being grateful is a skill that requires work, that’s because it’s so easy for one to be ungrateful. Though not intentionally, but life has a way of not going according to one’s expectations. The grateful is that person who is able to get you to the point where you appreciate life for what it is. Not much is required, such people by merely talking to you will get you to that place of gratefulness.

Each one of us needs these five people in our lives, do not feel guilty when the need arises for you to reach out to them. These people are neither extraordinary nor perfect people, they’re simply what you need at the time you need them. And you as well can be one of the five to someone else.

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